Politics and governments

Russia in Peace
USA and or vs. Russia
What do you think about Socialist countries
Why are many countries full of prejudice against China?
how do you think BRICS country
l think joe biden can't reach trump,what do you think?
how do you think of TRUMP
how did John Fitzgerald Kennedy die
Patriotic songs from your country
how do you think of the cold war
DO you think when Chinese history begins
If you could be born again in another nation, which nations would you choose ?
Why can this web release Taiwan from China?!!
Opinion: Homophobia.
What do you think about Panarabism ?
Why can't Taiwan join the UN and the WHO?
Do you agree to the death penalty ?
What do you think of COVID 19 vaccine
What do you think of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?
What do you think?
Does any of you think that deportation of Novak djokovich was right??
Fake News
Media - too main stream ?
The truth and lies of Ukraine
Military service in Colombia.
Tough laws for women
School System
sing for me
As a Taiwanese