Politics and governments

Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine
What can be done about the situation in Belarus?
Does any of you think that deportation of Novak djokovich was right??
USA and or vs. Russia
What do you think of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?
What do you think of COVID 19 vaccine
Why are many countries full of prejudice against China?
l'Afrique et Le développement
Military service in Colombia.
As a Taiwanese
USA and Afghanistan
Do you agree to the death penalty ?
Opinion: Homophobia.
What do you think about corona?
Should we accept other peoples opinion?
If you could be born again in another nation, which nations would you choose ?
What do you think about separatism ?
why Taiwan(台湾)not showed as a part of China in Penpal Gate?
who was the best politician in your country?
Afghanistan, the Taliban
Söder will Coronatests kostenpflichtig machen
Opinion homosexuality
Do you like this political comedy ? 😂
social system
Leaving the European Union
What are your thoughts on recent events in Falastin?