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22, from
Something to tell the world!

Hey, my Name is Meltem :) I am a shy girl, who studies earth sciences. I am interested in learning about new cultures and something about other countries, because the world is so big with many differences and specialities that we should learn of them.

13, from San Roman
My proudest accomplishments

My proudest accomplishments are 1. becoming Valedictorian 2. participating in Spelling BEE 3. Reading 150 books since last year December 4. reading a 500 paged book in 3 days

21, from Szczecin
Something to tell the world!

My name is Klara, I am interested in languages, I study German, so it would be nice to pracise it, also English. Currently I'm learning Spanish, Russian. I enjoy watching skijumping, that's how I've known slovenian language. Moreover I like reading psychological books and talk about relationships. My favourite sport is swimming even...

14, from Warsaw
Something to tell the world!

Hi, my neme is Michalina, but everyone call me Misia. I’m 14 and I’m from Poland. I am looking for penpale friends from around the world, at my age. So if you want meet new friend , feel free to contact me!😁

20, from
Something to tell the world!

My name is Aadhil. I am from Sri Lanka and an University Undergraduate. Has anyone been to Sri Lanka before? Yes No?😅 I love photography, I'm not a pro but yes I love it . You can see some of my clicks on my profile here. I play badminton on weekends and cricket whenever I have time. I also read psychology books, William Shakespeare...

47, from Schriesheim
Cities and countries I have visited

Amo la Sicilia e sopratutto la città di Catania e l'Etna. Maar ik hou ook van Belgie en Nederland, bijzonders van Vlaanderen en Gent en Antwerpen. Ungarn fand ich auch ganz große Klasse, vor allem die kleinen Städte wie Eger und die Landschaft an der Donau und der Theiß. Wien und Österreich liebe ich auch sehr! Außerhalb von Europa war...

14, from Denver
Something to tell the world!

I am from Belgium but moved to USA when I was 7 I am probably a sad human being who plays nba2k all day and my dog is cool

25, from Kaluga
I'm an expert at...

I work in medicine

41, from
My proudest accomplishments

Ich glaube nicht an die Corona-Hysterie ! Wehren wir uns gegen das BRD Regime so lange es noch geht, denn wer als Ungeimpfter die Solidarität mit den Mitmenschen verweigert muß bald mit einer Antwort der Gesellschaft rechnen. Die Regierung wird demnächst dem Bedürfnis der Demokraten Raum geben, Impfgegnern, der überzeugten Rechten...

26, from Katowice
Something to tell the world!

Hello :) I am Maja from Poland 😊 I am in love in italian and Greek culture. I love sport, (I am a fitness instructor), dance, listen to music, reading books, watching movies, playing on PS ( my favorite game is Witcher), and so many other things to be honest 😅 I love also talking with people and making new friends around the word 😁...

18, from
I'm an expert at...

Ich zeichne gerne, fotografiere, schreibe Geschichten, reise viel und liebe es morgens über die Wiesen zu reiten. Ich fahre Rad, liebe Musik und liebe Bücher.

21, from Salerno
A trick or piece of advice

Never do to people what you don’t want to receive.