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16, from Birdsboro
My proudest accomplishments

I think getting into BCTC is one of my proudest accomplishments. I go in for automotive and it's great. I get to work on vroom vrooms with my friends there

29, from
I always enjoy talking about...

About everything. Let's be friends. 😃 Don't hesitate to contact me. Just write and let's get in touch.

61, from Phoenix
My proudest accomplishments

Music, I enjoy helping others when I can. I am also good at listening to others when they want to talk.

19, from Guayaquil
Something to tell the world!

Hello, my name is Marie, my MBTI is INFP-T, I would like to meet people and make some friends here, also if you want we can exchange languages, if you want to learn Spanish I can help you without problems.

26, from Milan
Something to tell the world!

Be positive always 💖 Communication: I don’t answer to Italians because I’m registered on this site to learn about new cultures and chat with people outside my country, I hope you understand and that you don’t get offended 🙏🏻❤️

16, from
Something to tell the world!

Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Hallo! 🖤 I’m Mohitha and I’m 16 I would love to have penpals from all over the world. I’m an open and friendly person, so don’t hesitate to give me a message! We can be friends <3 Some facts about me: I’m a South Indian and an aspiring writer and astrophysicist. I love lots of things like photography,...

18, from
Something to tell the world!

It's nice to be important But it's more important to be nice. Don't focus on what your missing appreciate what's around you. This world is full of Hatred, Evil and Racasim and nothing will ever change until people change what's inside there hearts. You should be your true self no matter what other people think and when you compare...

64, from North Kingstown
Cities and countries I have visited

only been to new York were I lived for a few yrs. Now back in Rhode Island with my friends and my family

17, from Standish
I'm excited about...

Going to college

22, from
Something to tell the world!

Hola, I will start with my name, my name is Alejandro and I am an electronic engineering student, I am very passionate about drawing and I try to do it in my free time, I'm a big fan of animation movies : ) I decided to create an account on this page to practice my English but I have discovered that you can learn a lot simply by...

17, from
Something to tell the world!

Please read these before messaging : ) this isn’t a dating site I’m not so comfortable talking with persons above 20 years old I can’t take on any snail mail penpals but I’m happy to converse digitally Thanks I’m Eli. I like photography and drawing and playing instruments. Winter is my favourite season. My...

15, from
I'm an expert at...

Eating,oversleeping and trolling for content hahaha🤣 能吃能睡能整活,别的不会😂