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46, from
Something uncommon about me

My visual appearance doesn't match my musical taste at all. 🤘😇🤘

14, from Spankeren
Something to tell the world!

My name is Caitlyn. I am a shy girl at first, but after a while, I am not that shy anymore. I am bisexual, but in fact, nobody knows that.

27, from ZK
Something to tell the world!

-I will be better. -Original works shall NOT be used commerciall.Your own desktop is OK. (原创作品不得商用。当桌面可以。)

17, from Kandy
Something to tell the world!

HI there, im pleased that you visited me. So, you must be wondering who i am. I'm Pramodya Gunathilake.Im a talkative girl, Im excited to know about many things in the world. I'm from an alluring country which situated in the Indian ocean. Its known as Sri Lanka (Ceylon) .If you guys are world wide travelers, I proudly recommend this...

16, from West Palm Beach
Something to tell the world!

I'm Alessio! I am from the United States and have lived here all my life. I speak English and currently learning Spanish and Italian. I am 16 years old. Also, I am transgender (ftm) and bisexual. I use he/him/his pronouns. Please prevent yourself from calling me, 'sis', 'queen', 'girlie', etc. It can be triggering to me sometimes. I...

19, from Seattle
My proudest accomplishments

-Getting an offer from University of Washington at Seattle. This is my dream school. -Getting 7 in IELTS( 7 in listening, 8.5 in reading, 6 in speaking, 6 in writing) -Getting 5 in AP calculus AB,AP calculus BC and AP macroeconomic; and 4 in AP microeconomics

17, from Oaxaca
Cities and countries I have visited

E viajado por una buena parte de mexico, desde mi estado natal, hasta lugares como chiapas y veracruz, entre otros lugares...

41, from Burkau
My interests in other cultures

I'm interested in snailmail mainly. I really enjoy to learn about other countries, cultures and religions. Already when I was a child I had lots of penpals from all over the world. Later I travelled a lot, often also in not that typical touristic countries like Ethiopia, Cameroon and so on.

26, from Chilaw
My interests in other cultures

Each and every country has its own culture. Learning about new cultures and traditions is a passion for me

18, from Matara
Something to tell the world!

Hello. I am sandali dewmini from sri lanka. i am 18 yearsold . I am studying higher education now... I came here to make lot of friends.. i like to know other culture ,there habitats, and currency also there life style.So i think ths s the best palce for it..If you like to chat withe me and talk me about anything surely i will for you...

61, from Orchard Park
Something to tell the world!

I am a Christian. Yeshua said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”

27, from Santiago de Cuba
Cities and countries I have visited

Well....I've never been out of my country, but is something that I really would like to do