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33, from
I always enjoy talking about...

I am really a fun talker. Someone who actually always has something to say. Things such as animals, nature, but also the news or the weather are things that are always discussed.

30, from Osaka
Something to tell the world!

Hi! I'm Minako, from Osaka, Japan! I want to chat and discuss with people from all over the world. My hobbies are listening to music, reading books, playing games (especially I play Pokemon Go everyday!), YouTube, Niconico, divinations, etc... I majored in philosophy at University and I'm interested in it now. I'm a curious person,...

30, from Pesaro
Cities and countries I have visited

I have visited many places such as Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Croatia, Greece and France

18, from Nanchang
My proudest accomplishments

-Getting an offer from University of Washington at Seattle. This is my dream school. -Getting 7 in IELTS( 7 in listening, 8.5 in reading, 6 in speaking, 6 in writing) -Getting 5 in AP calculus AB,AP calculus BC and AP macroeconomic; and 4 in AP microeconomics

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Something to tell the world!

Hi! My name is Mylee and I am 11 years old. I enjoy crafting, reading, cooking, baking, writing, and playing with Legos. I also do sports like Jiu-Jitsu and basketball. I love being with my family and friends. When I am around them, I feel so happy that I could fly.

20, from
Something to tell the world!

Take a few minutes to read this . It worths !!! I would like to improve my French and I would like to know some more friendly people like you 😊 I know that I look very serious on my pictures but Don’t worry I didnt bite anyone yet 😉 Dont forget it !! Good friend is everything .

22, from Milan
Something to tell the world!

Hello everyone 😄, it's Mattia from Milan, Northern Italy. I joined this website to get to know new people and improve my language skills. I think this is one of the best websites - as well as free - to get to know people from all over the world! 😄 No short-term conversations or answers after ages. I don’t want people who disappear...

23, from Bretagne
Something to tell the world!

Bonjour, buongiorno, hello, hola. Me llamo Nicolas, but you can call me Nico ;) I really would like learn italian but I don't know nothing... so I'm search a very nice teacher who would like to help me, please. Quiero también mejorar mi español para hablar como un español y no como un francès :). I would like improve my english....

20, from Bangkok
Something to tell the world!

Hello World! My name is Praw or you can call me Xingxing. I am Thai-Chinese descent and I really a talkactive person. I can be very persistent if I aim for my dreams and goals. I won't give up on it easily. I also like to play game too like : Outlasts, DbD, Sim3, ETC. My interests are in a great range and I will keep open-minded....

44, from Changsha
Cities and countries I have visited

I have went to most of pronvinces of china,except the northwest, but have never gone abroad though i had my passport 8 years ago,because of reasons.i wish and plan to visit most of countries on this planet,especially the ones which had influenced the world history greatly and the ones which have very beautiful natural scenery.

25, from Vlaardingen
Cities and countries I have visited

Love austria, because of the mountains, Furthermore I visited barcelona with school, norway on a cruise and greece, yeah, just random :D

25, from
I always enjoy talking about...

I like to talk about a lot of subjects. BUT PLEASE NOTE I don't hand out ANY social media (facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat etc) on here. I will ignore those kind of questions. Neither I'll accept random friend request without speaking with eachother. I don't bite, so don't be afraid to talk with me.