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18, from Deauville
Something to tell the world!

Hi, I'm Esoan and I lived in France, I do study at the University, and want to practice my english and discover new people. I can talk about anything you want, I practice street workout, guitar and cooking when I have the time👨‍🍳 Si vous souhaitez vous entraîner à parler français, je peux vous aider😊 (If you want to practice your...

15, from Barranca
I'm an expert at...

Hola, mi nombre es Alexander pero puedes decirme Alex y mis pasatiempos son los videojuegos ,el skate 🛹, el basket,me gusta ver anime y series como the last of us,stranger things e interestellar,también soy bueno en cursos o temas de matemática y me da mucha curiosidad por saber más, estoy empezando a leer libros de psicología y...

18, from
Something to tell the world!

It's nice to be important But it's more important to be nice. Don't focus on what your missing appreciate what's around you. This world is full of Hatred, Evil and Racasim and nothing will ever change until people change what's inside there hearts. You should be your true self no matter what other people think and when you compare...

39, from Paris
Cities and countries I have visited

There are too many racists here. With so-called people who are looking for penpals, who have no education and do not answer. Most people don't have a high enough IQ and don't have a conversation.

53, from
Something to tell the world!

I have converted my living room into a gallery. I wish that as many people as possible learn to understand that "surviving" is not enough. Art is a way or tool to make this visible and meditation to bring about the necessary changes. Working, eating and sleeping are meaningful "activities", but when these determine the daily routine,...

37, from Dunfermline
Favourite books/authors/films

These change all the time but my usual answers are:- FILMS! The Princess Bride Alien Ghostbusters BOOKS/AUTHORS! I like DC Comics. Green Lantern, Batman. Geoff Johns's run on Green Lantern got me into comic books originally. Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo's Batman.

48, from Schriesheim
Cities and countries I have visited

Amo la Sicilia e sopratutto la città di Catania e l'Etna. Maar ik hou ook van Belgie en Nederland, bijzonders van Vlaanderen en Gent en Antwerpen. Ungarn fand ich auch ganz große Klasse, vor allem die kleinen Städte wie Eger und die Landschaft an der Donau und der Theiß. Wien und Österreich liebe ich auch sehr! Außerhalb von Europa war...

31, from Paris
My interests in other cultures

la langue

21, from Brandenburg
Something to tell the world!

I moved to Brandenburg like 2 weeks ago and I dont know anyone here to be honest so I´ll give this website a try to maybe meet new people here. It´s always nice to meet new people and maybe we can get to know each other a little more. I like reading books, writing (especially poetry slams and poems) and going to the gym (I´m still...

23, from Bern
My proudest accomplishments

Getting into photography.

51, from Hoogeveen
Cities and countries I have visited

When I was 25 I went to Australia for a working holiday. I've seen a little bit of the world but am not travelling anymore. These day's you can find me mostly in Hoogeveen, Emmen and Assen. I visited Australia, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, Norway, New Zealand. Hope to go to Ireland one day and perhaps the United States.

65, from North Kingstown
Cities and countries I have visited

only been to new York were I lived for a few yrs. Now back in Rhode Island with my friends and my family