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How to quickly learn the culture of a country or how to accurately express the spoken language of...
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Добавить возможность просматривать время последнего посещения участников.
Different Fonts
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How about adding polls on Penpal Gate ? :D
See who has visited your profile
"other" option for gender
i knew
Awesome website thanx!
Why could there not be an "Age filter"?
Do you guys have the penpal-gate app?
I’m looking for someone to text on WhatsApp
Increase or Separate Daily Quota
privat group
Löschen ermöglichen
A little detail in the chatroom.
Translation facilities.
I'd love to be able to block a gender
More inclusive gender tags.
Being an expert has little meaning.
The chat is empty,people gather!!!
Please pay attention to the 'nation'
Contact people
daily quotas