Do you like performances? Anything and everything

Have you ever been to a show?

I love watching people perform. It makes me feel good.

I've gone to Michael Flatley's show. Both "Feet of Flames" and "Celtic Tiger".
It was the best perfoemance I have ever experienced.
It was really amazing when you saw so many dancers lined up in front of you and had the same steps at the same time.

I've also watched Cats .
It was a interesting one. During the show, the "cats" jumped down from the stage and played with the audiences.

And if I have a chance to go and watch the musical "Roméo & Juliette", I would be very happy.
The musical is performed by a group of French singers.
Its melody is great. I've learned so many French words from it.

So, how about you?
Any performance is ok.


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uhhh,i don't remember seeing any shows but i really wanna see "romeo and juliet"! ohh,romance! have u seen the movie(romeo&juliet) with Leonardo Dicaprio in it? LOVE HIM!


haha I know that movie!
but I've never seen it before.
I prefer the musical one😁

Maybe I'll find sometime to watch that movie.
Thank you for the very first comment!!!