FUN fUN fuN fun questions Anything and everything

answer the questions and if you don't want to remove some of the questions
if you have any fun questions post them

which one do u prefer more...
lollipops or gum? gums
vanilla or chocolate? vanilla
black or red? black
america or britain? america
strawberries or bananas? strawberries
spiderman or batman? spiderman
rocks or stones? stones
may or october? october
summer or winter? winter
17 or 92? 17
scared or humiliated? humiliated
bunny or rabbit? rabbits
cats or dogs? cats, dogs scare me
tan or burgandy? tan
tropical or temperate? tropical
rabid dog or rabid raccoon? rabid raccoon
vamps or werewolves? vamps
insomniac or nocturnal? nocturnal

have you ever...
jumped off a house? yes
swam in freezing ice water? yes
been attacked? no
been made fun of? yes
cried for no reason? no
been out of the country? yes
thought about death? yes
gotten seriously injured? not really
gotten bit by someone? yes
screamed bloody murder? kind of
been to a concert? no
eaten snow? no
killed anyone? yes a cockroach
hurt somone psychially? no
made someone cry? no
pulled by the police? yes it was humilliated
played with matches? yes
been on a plane? yes
been to jail? no
laughed so hard it hurt? yes
read a book? yes
tasted blood? yes
cut your wrist? yes
cried yourself to sleep? yes
physically hurt yourself on purpose? yes
gotten revenge? not exactly
broken a promise? yes
hidden a part of your personality from the world? yes
blown a bubble (from your gum) while underwater? no but it sound fun
ran into a pole? no
been extremely bored? yesss
played chess with a stranger? no
made a wild concoction and ate it? yes 😛
had a sad dream and woke up crying? yes
lost a soul you loved? yes 🙁
fell out of a tree? no
lied about your age? yes
been food poisoned? yes
gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel? no :$

when's the last time you...
got kicked or slapped? 2 days ago
talked on the phone? a few mins ago
played a sport? long time ago
gone to camp? never
stayed home sick? a month ago
baked a cake? a week ago
sang aloud? few days ago
listened to music? last night
seen the snow? never
got in a fight? last month
got angry from someone? yesterday
video taped? long time ago
saw a friend? 5 days ago
went in a hottub? never
head banged? few hours ago
got a headache? yesterday
tripped or fell? yesterday
got hurt? 2 days ago
ate froot loops? huh?!
smiled? a min ago
laughed? few hours ago
flicked someone off? huh?!
swore out loud? 2 days ago

do you like...
gum? yes
drums? no
britain? yes
tigers? noo
blood? well only mine
waiting? noooo
telling people off? no
labels? no
winning? yesss
competetition? no
sunlight? no
night time? yesss
rainy days? yesss

just answer the questions...
what was the last book you've read? romeo and juliet
what was the last movie you watched? a girl from rio didn't really like it
what kind of music do you listen to? everything
if you got to be the age you are in any year what year would it be? 2011
whats your name? Sarah
do you like marshmellows? yes
whats something that pisses you off? fake people, liers and betryal
whats you pet peeve about yourself? my anger
how do you spell doughnuts/donuts? donuts
do you have a cat? no, don't like cats
where are you? in Kuwait, flat no10 5th floor, my room on bed
do you have any current cuts or bruises? yes alot of cuts in my left wrist
whens the last time you went to the beach? a week ago
who's the last friend you saw? can't remember
what was your first favourite band? Backstreetboys
are you chewing gum right now?no
are you useing a laptop? yes my sister's

Oh my god....would take days to answer'em.

yup Abbaz, need months to answr the questons 😛