Your favourite movie English

Hey, what is your fav movie???
I like Casino Royale, Moulin Rouge and Forrest Gump. And you? 001_huh 001_huh laugh laugh lol1 lol1 lol1 lol1 lol1 lol1

O, and also Sweeney Todd!! Johny Depp is the best! :*

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i like uhh...My Best Friends Wedding,Forrest Gump,and alot of other ones!

Mine is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!!
Can't stop laughing!!!

my favourite movie is "l'auberge espagnole" , in spanish it's called "una casa de loco" =) just awesome

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Pan's Labyrinth is the best movie I've seen

I love Edward Scissorhands, any Tim Burton movies, 10 Things I Hate About You, pretty much any disney movie.

i love the movie life size

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Eragon is my favorite movie with the king Arthur and The lord of de rings

My favorite movies are Les Choristes, Enchanted ,Forrest Gump and The Banquet(夜宴).I think both Disney and Hayao Miyazaki(宮崎 駿)'s movies are also great! I love them so much🙂

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my favorites movies is : ''Sweeney todd the demon barber of the Fleet street","final destination3","the notebook","detroit-rock city","20 week's later","thank's for smoking" ...and all sceary movies.. ;D

My favorite is TAKEN with Liam Neeson !! Its really really great !! I love it !! But i also like the perfect man; the parent trap(because i have a twin sister😁), enchanted (i love patrick dempsey) and others ....

my favorite movies are "arizona dream" and, in fact many movies of Kusturica😁
I like tim burton's movies too..."Sweeney todd", "edward scissorhands",...
And also french movies like "rabbi jacob" and others

Hi! My favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3! haha. Sweeney Todd is pretty funny and National Treasure is a very good movie.

I like ICHI the Killer, SAW and Prince of Tennis Live Action movie 😁

i have a few favourite movies - ichi the killer, battle royale, amelia, day after tomorrow

my favourite movies are "Cry Wolf", "A Walk to Remember"and "The Covenant"

My favourite movie is certainely The Lord Of The Ring
But i like "The Grudge" "Forest Gump" and " Le Voyage De Chihiro" too!