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Let´s talk about happiness.When were you happy for the last time?And what makes you happy?It may be your hobbies,your friends,family,etc.Tell me about your reasons for happiness.

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The last time I was really happy was in a dream 😁" (it was too personal to tell it here)
But the "little things of life" make me happy too 😁 Like when it's sunny but not too hot, you're walking alone listening MGMT (Time to pretend) on your MP3... that makes feel good =)

The last time I was happy was sunday before during and after playing rugby. But there is nothing that makes me happier than love, when it works 🙂

Like Vandien I like walking alone, just listening to music. It's nice by the beach or talking my dog through the fields. I like the freedom and the time when it allows you to be alone and think for a little while.

True happiness is hard to find, but it's the little things in life that make me smile.

my boyfriend makes me happy :]

Money makes me happy 😛

My life, my friends, my family, my boy, all of them makes me happy all day long 😁

to win a lottery by less money!!! just kidding. i am always unlucky. for me, there is nothing more joyful than sleep until whenever you want to wake up .

the last time i was happy was lastweek when i was with my friends. they have been my friends for 12 years. i was in my friends house for dinner, then, more or less 20 friend come in and they hug themselves including me. i thought i am really lucky to have this friends while i was watching them.
thank u for this topic.

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Happiness is overrated.

Money only makes me happy when there is lots of it.. 😉
With such money i could actually travel a lot.

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Money can make me happy anly when I can make someone happy through them.
Last I was really happy when I went to school after 3 days staying at home. I was so happy to see people I like and talk with them and just to be with them. And in the afternoon when I went to training after 2weeks, I was so happy to run and play basketball.
The best reason of happines is love. When I feel the love to my family and friends it is the best feeling.

Recently I acted at one competition of executors of an opera. Has passed in the second round. I was happy!)
Today my nephew has kissed me. Not for the first time, but I am all the same happy!)

Walking alone, listening a music you love very loud, beggining dancing in the street, laughing for itself ... That makes me happy 🙂
Oh ... chocolate also makes me happy ... 🙂
(And my guinea pig ! )

Travel , Dream , speak with my friend makes me happy

My friends, my family and Music makes me happy 🙂

Er...The music that I listen and when I live alone without my family. It's perhaps strange but it's so cool.

I moved to Warsaw 3 years ago, and I still miss my old friends from south of Poland. But when I see them - yes, those are the most happy moments in my life!
The most beautiful day in my life, when I was so happy as only girl can be, was my 18th birthday. My whole family and a group of friends made me a suprise - they've planned me a parachute jump! The most awesome in that story is that a really big group of people have known about that suprise before, but I didn't even guess!

My friends makes me very very HAPPY