Listen to the music English

Hi everybody !!!
I'm french and I will be so interested on knowing some english's or american's singer or group .
I'm open minded and intersted at nearly all type of music so tell me the music you listen to ?!

Salut ou hi

I don't know if you know the Clash my favorite english punk rock group with the famous "should i stay or should i go" (tu peu les ecouter sur deezer)


Vampire Weekend is an american group. Their quite good. You also have The Killers, if you've heard of them. 30 seconds to mars.
Elliot Minor is a band you might want to take a look at. Apperently big in England, but not very wll-known international... I think. Not in Norway at least 😛
The Enemy, Kaiser Chiefs, Incubus, The Kooks, just to mention some more 😉

american : Korn,Disturbed,Queens of the stone age,System of a down,Three Days Grace,Walls of Jericho & Knuckle Puck

english : blur,Bloc Party.,Morrissey & Amy Winehouse

hmm some english bandss... you got the libertines and babyshambles, they have the same sound as some of the people are the same.
as someone said elliot minor i thought i would tell you about mcfly as they were supported by elliot minor at their last tour. also busted.
oh and lost prophets are a welsh band.

Hi guys:
I'm Chinese and majored in English, i like almost all kinds of music, and i love pure music more than any others.
I like make friends all over the world, especially English-speakers.

from american bands u should check out flyleaf, kill hannah, intwine and within temptation!!

I love all rock and heavy metal bands. And some punk and pop and indie too.

If you like Rock, Metal.

Muse, Iron Maiden, Keane, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree...
Evanescence, Linkin Park, Audioslave, Bon Jovi, My Chemical Romance, Pantera ...
Within Temptation, Nightwish, (Draconian, Epica,...)

MMhh, america and engalnd have a great history in this sort of music... There old rock sounds very good : )

thank you !!!!
I'm so happy !!! clap clap

yes I know "should i stay or shuold i go" but I don't know the other song :S !!
I know and like very much system of a down <3<3 !!! So nice !!! punk punk
I will listen to all this group when I have time 😁 !!

At the moment I love a song by Kate nash wich is called "foundations" !!! I love her voice !! it's so great , if you want go to listening !!

I know another singer who [i think] is famous in USA : John mayer . In fact I know one song that I like =>"waiting on the world to change". If you have time you could listen to it 😉

the all-american rejects 😁
i just love them

I hear "Augustana", "one republic", "counting crows", "the cramberries" or "the fray"
English pop is the best!

All rap and ccm so 50 cent Brid man and Dolla

hmmm... I really like the group Skillet and I like Linkin' Park

I'm listening "babe i'm gonna leave you" from Led zeppelin...

Wow...That is...Just...perfect

Linkin PArk is asome

THe Fray is cool. I love their songs- "How to save a life." and "In over my head." cool2