I'm looking for verrrrrry good friend♥ English

I'm Bubble, how r u guyz♥
I'm looking for goood B.F(bestfriend)
maybe you hope be gooooood friend with me, piz comment me wub
I'll wait u guyz♥
bubye tt1

Hiya. I am looking too. 😃 Hope to get soon

hello bubble ..me too....like everybody here...we're looking for good friends...i hope more join here!🙂...how are you bubble?

I'm new here i'll your friend.


i will b a great friend 2 u!!!!!!!!!!

I'''''' tooo..........................

hiiii me tooo i realy wanna be your friend

hi,same here,i am new around here,and i want to make friends with you,may i?

hey, i just joined today and im looking for some friends too! anyone interested, just email or comment me! thanks!

I can be your friend 😃