Someone have already make an country exchange thanks to this site? English

All is in my subject 😃
I'm curious to know if someone have already make an exchange with his/her penpal ?
Thanks 😃 batman

I have, not through this site though. I met friends in real life 3 or 4 times already, at different locations in the world. It's really fun and definitely a great experience ! Also, [b]if you know them very well[/b], you can even plan vacation like I did and ask them to host you or something. It's way less expensive than via a program. 🙂

Yes sure because i'm finding to travel in other country but i have looked to linguistic travel but it is very expensive near 1000€ for 2 weeks ! It's why i register in this website in the way to find friends for , why not , make an exchange with him/her ! But sure , i'have to know him/her very well , it is very dangerous 😉
Thanks for your respond !
I don't loose hope 😃