Follow your dream Anything and everything

Whats you dream? What do you want to become when you get older? 001_icon16

Hi! I'm Laura and I'm from the US.

I go to University up here, and I'm not exactly sure what I want to be, but right now I want to be an actress or a film/playwright. But I'm thinking about studying Greek and Roman archaeology. What about you?

I want to be a fashion designer or/and a hairdresser/makeup artist!

Hey 🙂
I'm going to graduate to be a hairdresser in 2 months 🙂
But I don't have a job 😢
I don't know what to do...

Hi !

i want to travel all over the world

I want to be a diplomat. I have taken this dream since 12.
But This is very hard job. So I am a little confussing now.

↑ I will traveling all over the world, too.

Edit by miracle .

I will start my own business and I will be asocial worker.

Hi! I'm Isa from Poland.
I want to study in UK. I don't know what exactly, but I've got some ideas.... But study there wasn't my own idea. If I can choose I would study art in Rome 🙂

I am from Poland too.
Now my dream is finish a study 🙂 But my bigest dream is travel to USA 🙂
So in future I am going to be a teacher 🙂

My dream is to die happy 🙂 And, to live as well as possible.. To have a family, with a wife i would love.. Have a creativ job... Meet a lot of people, know a lot of things about the world.

And, wouldn't like to say that my life was too short when i will die

yinyang I want to teach French to people in Japan. 🙂 yinyang

My dream,is a real damn good dream. I want to do a Rock Concert in the U.S,and I want to be a REAL ROCKSTAR like KURT COBAIN OF NIRVANA!!!!! or AXL ROSE OF GUNS N' ROSES!
or FREDDIE MERCURY OF QUEEN!. I'm addicted to Rock. Excuse me. angel rockon 2guns ,Checkin' on smilies.

travel around the would~
die in the Caribbean Sea

I have no clue what i want to do. Theres part of me that wants to travel the world with only a backpack to keep all my belongings in. Theres also another part of me that wants to move to a little town have a plain old job(like a teacher) have a nice little house with tons of books in it. I know i'm going to university at least. Life after that??? That's something I can't even consider yet.

Hey everybody ^_^ !
I totally agree with Frenchtouch, i just wanna enjoy my life !!
I love travelling and everything which flies (plane, paraglider, glider...), so I hope to become an airplane pilot...but that's too hard and i don't think i'll success in this domain...
In fact, I don't know what to do in my life =( !!
Probably having fun !!

My dream is to be able to dream till my last day, can smile even if there is trouble, can love even if nobody seems care about it, can hope even if I know a cat never run for a frisbee. I want to look at sunsets in a lot of places, meeting different cultures. And it scares me now, but to have a family, a garden and that stuff. And about my job, I'd like to translate books and teach Spanish to children.