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Well... it's time for me to ask this kind of question. What manga and anime are you interested in? So far my favorite animes to watch are Bleach, Rosario+Vampire, Vampire Knight, Code Geass, and i suppose Rental Magica, and Spice and Wolf. The manga i like to read is +Anima, Chibi Vampire, Vampire Knight, Rosario+Vampire, Princess Resurrection, Black God, and well I can't think of any others.i've been BORED lately and am willing to read manga and watch anime that other people suggest. What i want to know is what do you think about the manga and anime that i like and any anime and manga that you like and why. Later on i'll try to figure out what things come up the most and try to make a poll to see what's the most popular. so anyways let me know sweatdrop

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Anime => Wolf's rain, Death note, Claymore, Ueki No Housoku, FateStay Night
Mangas=> Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, MAR,
And pokemoooon,of course 😁 (hey that was a joke !!!)

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I completely forgot about Death Note, I like to watch it, but i hardly have the time to watch it.

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i like anime and manga.

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well kind of anime and manga do you like?

Ooh, good subject. 😁

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Elfen Lied, Nana

Favorite Manga: Death Note, Fruits Basket, Nana, Legal Drug, Naruto

peach girl and itazura na kiss 🙂

Forgive me but i'm only stating my opinion:

I don't really care to watch bunch of prettyboys hopping around like squirrels smacking each other with magicsticks.
Neither do i like to see little children beating each other in a card game dressed like a turtle with tail.

The only comic i read is Donald Duck.. .\,,/

Do i have to say more?

Manga: Kuroshitsuji, 666 Satan, Naruto, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Nabari no Ou, Death Note, Ares, Black Cat, D. Gray Man, Eyeshield 21, Full Metal Alchemist, Hani Kimi, Hunter x Hunter, Id, Kurogane, Koukou Debut, Kurozakuro, Laon, One Piece, OHSHC, Togari, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, King of Hell, Rave

Anime: Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Gintama, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, Eyeshield 21, GunxSword, OHSHC, Skip Beat, Library War, Okane Ga Nai, Junjou Romantica, Nobari no Ou, Trigun, Naruto, D. Gray Man, Black Cat, Kiba, Jing: King of Bandits, Samurai Champloo, Gokudo-kun Manyuki

If anyone ever wants to talk about anime and manga, feel free to post somthing on my profile. smile

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Manga: I LOVE +Anima! Errmm, also Wallflower, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chibi Vampire, and After School Nightmare

Anime: Most of the stuff listed above and School Brawl!

There are more, I just think of them off the top of my head. -_-

This is a good subject.

My all time favorite manga AND anime is One Piece..

Oh! Great topic! +1 =)

I adore manga's style of drawing! *__*
My favourite mangaka is Kaori Yuki. I think she's the best one and love all her works, but especially "Angel Sanctuary" and "Kaine".
Yuu Watase's "Fushigi Yuugi", Akino's Matsuri's "Petshop of Horrors" and Mamiya Oki's "The way of sin" are also my favourite.

Anime: Death Note, Vampire Hunter D, Full Metal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, Claymore, Hawl's Moving Castle, Hellsing, Ouran HSHC, Trinity Blood, Chrono Crusade, Fantastic Days, Steemboy, Chobits...I can't remember all I've seen and liked)))
But my first anime was Sailor Moon in 1997 XDD LOL

Hellsing is my favourite. plus basilisk, blood +, seven seeds, dance in the vampire bund are not bad.

anime= sailor moon and pokemonn!!!!!

manga= fruits basket, ultra cute, full metal alchemist, chibi vampire, wallflower, death note, vampire kisses, bleach, and d-grey man!!!!

totally pro furries... wOOt!!!!

I love anime , manga and cosplaying ! I LOVE TO COSPLAY

anime: naruto, naruto shippuden, bleach, death note, d.gray man , nana, paradise kiss, claymore, special a , vampire knight( + guilty), code geass ( + r2 ) , spiral , ouran highschool host club

manga : naruto, death note, nana, d.gray-man , absolute boyfriend ( zettai kareshi ) , 7th peirod is a secret