Humans: The greatest puzzle EVER Everyday life and customs

What do you think of humans? You can talk about any particular incident of Real Heroes or Everyday Heroes. You can criticise humans. You can talk about humans from the scientific point of view or philosophical point of view. Do you think that humans are "different" from the rest of "animals"? Are we destroying our home? Do you think that humans are beasts? What's IS humanity? Is it still present among us? What do you think our VERY long childhood (when compared to other animals) ? Do you think we are arrogant?
Anything related really!
P.S: Of course, you needn't answer every question here. 😉

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i think we are all sinners no matter what and we are all going to hell ... even though i dont beleive in hell , i just beleive i need to learn how to spell... and that once your dead your dead but besides that I believe humans are destroying the world and its too late to save it ... the next massive extinction is going to be us ....

Wow, your life musn't be easy! LOL.

For my part, I believe humans are a natural synthesis of what we call good and bad (and as such, the latter do not really exist except as a metaphorical image.
I think humanity is a diverse collective (which could be compared to an insect hive) except that contrarily to the last, every individual possesses unique abilities, which makes them capable of autonomous decision. However, the concepts of the "hive mind" are here: Decisions are not taken alone, and care is ensured to protect the "collective". Such concepts, reflexes dating from prehistoric times where survival was our only motive, directly involved into feelings we refer to as love, motherhood, compassion, etc...

I think most of us are aware of what happens to our planet, keeping in mind the facts that things like global warming were here before we gained partial control on our environnment (that's what provoked Ice age periods). That alone I think is reassuring. But then again I believe in men (sorry humans, LOL).

Should anybody have other questions, like the precepts of war or death penalty, I'm sure the debate would be very interesting.


we are the beasts who destroy themselves.

We are nothing else but "perfectly ingenious primates." We simply love to create fancy names and terms by way of our true bestial instincts. We simply love to consider that mankind is the core of the Earth, and entire Universe orbits around us. Arrogant, selfish, desructive beasts we are. But alas! We are able to create Gods to justify our corrupted minds!

We are at the peak of intelligence as far as we know yet we still are controlled by very primitive automatic mechanisms in our brains that have helped us get this far in the world. We are capable of so much more than we actually accomplish. However when one looks at the overall arc of our existence on this planet we have slowly been improving over time.

There are probably as many reasons to be optimistic about our future as there are to be pessimistic. I prefer to remain optimistic and do what I can towards moving us towards what I consider to be the best ways to move forward as a species.

Interestingly enough although many people thought we would destroy our species through direct action via nuclear war or something else, I currently feel it's far more likely that we'll destroy ourselves through inaction. My hope is that if we do go down that path there will be enough survivors who understand what we must do to remain a viable, living species and are able to move us in that direction.

Some of the books I've read have said they think that at certain points in our evolution that we've been down to several hundred or several thousand individuals yet we were able to survive. However that was before we ourselves were responsible for our numbers dropping that low.