Question.. Français


I'm new on PG and I wonder how I can improve my french..?
I've traveled a lot to France..but obviously it didn't help me at all.. 🙂
I've some french's friends but when we talk..we speak english..
So... I'm waiting for your suggestions...


I sent you an email 😉

so speak french with a french on PG 😁
If you need some help just add me as friend !

add you as're kiddin'??
how does it will help me to learn french...?...

Are you planning on visiting or studying in France ?

I'm not a french teacher, but i can help you a little why not ¨¨
I need some lessons in english in return then !

to speak french with me ... -_-'
you know you're not forced to add me, but if you want we can speak french together when we r on the chat or somethin else

you can use this
to translate english to french, and i can help you by mail
nice to meet you

Hey, i'd love to learn french if anyone is willing to help me haha =)

I'm a french teacher n I can help anyone who wants to learn french.
I only ask to help me to improve my english!

Hi every body. I think that you can learn french with movies, just watch french TV, Or try to read a lot of books in french in order to get a large list of vocabulary and use it. I've got an other idea, look, you can decide yourself that since today you will speak only french. you know for me it's english that I want to learn and I'm not afraid to do mistakes when I talk it, just talk it to emprove it.

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