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alucard Do you think it will ever end?

I Don't Rly Care About This Stuff. ninja

Wats up yall

I highly doubt it will...anytime soon though. I mean, if 5 years doesn't do *that* much, then we will need to stay for a longer while.

Mccain wants to stay in iraq for 100 years ? thats ridiculous... I never support war.. I just hope that someday, all humans irrespective of race can get along with one another.

I totally agree w/ u deepshikha & Tcube.We should just get out of there b-cuz there is no more that we can do then we have done alrady;anytihng else should be their problem.

I think the Iraqi's are...really dependent...
That's not good, not at all/

Exactly they depend on others for their own country when they need to do it thereselves.

Probaly not for another... 10 million years. It's so stupid! I'm sick of seeing news reports on poor soldiers dying. or getting seriously injured! It's upsetting, and I find it useless. How long is it going to take Bush and anyone else to realise that they have killed enough innocent people? Everyones losing their fmaily and friends because of it. 🙁 If I was president, I would find hte best time to bring all troops back. ASAP! <3

yinyang I just had to say this for a play last night:

"I can't stand violence. I can't bear the sight of blood."

Oh sweet irony. yinyang

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5 years. my goodness.

if the people are saying "pull out, pull out" you don't tell them that you think the situation will improve.

whatever, I don't care. just want to see my friends come back home safe. all that matters.

well, i don't know... who'll know?
just let's hope it'll end soon... 🙂

It can end only after withdrawing American and its allies troops from the country. Bush said that he would bring properity for Iraqis. He lied that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The agencies didnt find any lethal weapons from there then why are they still killing local people? There are other countries in the world who are threat for the world peace but UN security council is not paying attention towards them. This war was only for OIL. We want PEACE PEACE PEACE not occupation

What we know about the whole issue is through the press and the government. Before we judge whether the war is right or wrong, or how many locals or foreigners get killed, we should always question the motives. Why war, and if it is necessary or not. If it is to stop tyranny and injustice, I support it. If not, c'est la vie.

What do u think abt TAPPING? (Guitar)

obama clinton or mccain.. anyone cant stop this. this war is in control of pentagon. pentagon directs the usa, not the president. the usa will be imperialist forever and continue to invade forever... everybody want peace in middle east but wealthy countries dont mention it. i just say "PEACE IN THE WORLD, PEACE IN HOMELAND".

lets just bomb the moutains where that one guy (cant think of his name...) that planed 9/11 is hiding

Well, you want to destroy some moutains (and a lot of people who live in there) to kill a guy that you don't know his name... Wow... Wow