Stupid Question deserves a Stupid Answer Anything and everything

So, i've seen this kind of thread in a few forums and tried to look one from here, but i couldn't find any.

So the idea is to answer the previous question and ask one of your own.

[quote]- Is this a question?


- Only if you ask it.

- Where am i?


- Right where you're standing.

So the thread was fun on the few other forums and decided to put it in here too.
And it's only fun if you use your sense of humons in both questions and answers.

Starting Question:

[b]- Why isn't there a post before mine in this thread?[/b]


Is there monkeys from outer space?

Not anymore, I got hungry.

What is something?

the name as nothing
Are you eating pie?

Yes, does it bother you?
Have you seen my flying pig?

No, i have my own and he can bark too.

How do you define stupid?

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giving an example : George Bush 😁
Does anybody know what's happening under Rihanna's umbrella? O_o

Dark magic.

If babies were put to start with bees and flowers, then how did the mom get a big belly?

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the bees and the flowers were in her belly of course😁 (i think it's time for you to have a lesson about things of life XD)
i've never seen any gate on penpal gate ..; why? (yeah i know, my humor sucks😁)

giving an example : George Bush 😁
Does anybody know what's happening under Rihanna's umbrella? O_o
Ella was standing under her umbrella. (Rihanna:You can stand under my umbrella, ella,ella,ellaaa...)

how can Jordin Spark & Chris Brown sing without air? can you do it ?

where is your pussy?

In my closet, sleeping.

Why don't we count swatting flies as a murder?

Oh.....ask vandien

Why don't you pee your stomach is full?

because I don´t know what that means.

why are holidays always so short?

So you could work or study more..

Can i type with computer?

Yes,but it probably won´t work any more🙂

Why are some girls so stupid?

well.. you just called yourself stupid

Why arent girls allowed to walk around with their shirts off??

who said they aren' would be sooo amazing lol

Will you like to walk like that?