Easter Everyday life and customs

Hello people! As you know, soon is the Easter. Good Friday is on the 21th of March and Easter Sunday is on the 23th of March. How will you celebrate it? Will you paint eggs or give chocolate eggs to someone? Will you go to church? What's the meaning of Easter for you? In Estonia it's popular to paint eggs on Easter. So do I. For me, it hasn't got so special meaning, because I'm not Christian. Actually I'm afraid that many people actually don't know the meaning of it and it has became more commercial.
Who is more interested in it :

I will be...in dance class wishing I could be running outside.
Easter has gotten very commercial, but not as much as X-mas.

easter means paques ??
I do nothing special for easter !! And I don't no really the history about this party ?

We will probably just go to church then have a nice home cooked dinner with ham and other sides. My church also does a special sunriseservice early in the morning which the kids write and do everythin for, it is very fun. The younger kids will get easter baskets filled with candy and maybe toys. I will probably get some candy and a iTunes gift card. My little cousin will also go on a easter egg hunt, which people throw plastic eggs stuffed with candy outside in a yard and sometimesthey hide them. Then a group of little kids will run out and try to get as much as they can. If we werent on vacation we would probably color hard boiled eggs by dipping them in food coloring. Thats our easter stuff.

Basically my family goes to church and dyes easter eggs. Then we get together for a huge family dinner. So it's a lot of fun!

yinyang I'd be wishing I was 11. Because every 11 years my birthday falls on Good Friday. In that same year my dads b-day is on Father's Day yinyang

easter means paques ??
I do nothing special for easter !! And I don't no really the history about this party ?

Good topic 😉

Easter is mostly popular in France because it means holidays huhu

yess , it's right !! When you say "easter" I think : holidays and chocolate eggs xD [what a smart girl !!! xD ]

In Finland we:
Eat mämmi (except I, who hate the taste of it.)
Eat (and paint) chocolate eggs (Mignon's the best! <3)
Go to church (I'd love to go to a night church, but I'm out of the country... ;___😉
Eat pasha (never even tasted it... I should.)
We... um... (no translation for this word) we dress up like witches and swing decorated oster branches on peoples homedoors to get chocolate eggs from them.
You call THAT weird? Wait for Finnish midsummer festival!

And many many other things. This year I actually leap over the whole easter thing, because I'm out of the country. But, next year I'm going to make this on up! ^.^

Oh god, many smilies there. o.o Should I stop using them..?

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Easter in Malaysia is mostly commercial, and there will be promotions @ many stores, and lunches @ hotels, but no, easter eggs are not really practiced here, Malaysia being a predominantly Muslim country; but Christians like me go to church in the morning for Easter services.

At school they tried to learn me the meaning of Easter, once and again. But actually I forgot it.
Anyway, I think itsn't good that everything, even this kind of celebration becomes just a commercial activity.
I never go to church. Some people say, everybody is going to church, I'll go too.
I have never understood what relation there are between easter and eggs, chocolate, bunnies...
For me Easter = holidays

I have never understood what relation there are between easter and eggs, chocolate, bunnies...
For me Easter = holidays
easter and eggs don't really have anything to do with eachother..but who cares! you get a holiday and chocolate. haha that makes it awesome.

i think egg is a sign of life. and another sign is rabbit for Easter, you know, rabbit is fertile...

For me, Easter means the anniversary of Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Today is the day that Christians believe is the day that Jesus physically got up and left the tomb where he was on buried on Good Friday. It is a very important day for Christians, so i guess that the original meaning is unknown today as Easter is mostly identified with bunnies and eggs and whatnot, anyway, i don't want to spark a theological debate here, just want to express my views on Easter.

I don't really care of the religions meaning...Even if, it's allways interessant to know the historic meaning...

I just get all the chocolate i can find... Or buy 😛

here in slovakia it's all different. we go to church a lot, and then:
on Monday guys visit all the girls and they either pour water over them,or throw them in a stream or lake, or smash them with a whip(it really hurts!!), or drown them in cheap perfume..and the girls must give them food or money for that!! it's because the water "keeps the girls young"..so they should be thankful..
and on Tuesday the girls can have revenge,but only by throwing water on the guys, and they don't get anything in reward..

ok that😁^ is like late easter was a mouth ago nobody should be postin here

I don't love Easter. On the eve of this day we bake Easter cakes, we do Easter, we paint eggs. Well, as I am an atheist, I don't celebrate a holiday. The shined products I do not eat from a principle.