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Have any of you watched Slumdog Millionaire or listened to its soundtracks? Or any of Rahman's music?
Rahman is just awesome! Do try listening to his music. You won't regret it!

Oh, I absolutely LOVE Slumdog Millionaire.
And I'm absolutely addicted to the song Jai Ho.

No offence meant, but, in my opinion (and a lot of Rahmaniacs), Jai Ho isn't half as good as some of his other songs. It's just a matter of opinion...Jai Ho suits your taste best, I guess. I like the 2nd half of Jai Ho. But I prefer Mausam & Escape, Riots, Latika's Theme and O...Saya. BTW, check out his Delhi 6 soundtracks if possible. It's fan-bloody-tastic!!! Pardon my French! 😛

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Awesome tracks by Rahman. He is one of the best musician in the world. Recently, he clunched 2 Oscars

That is an amazing movie.

It was quite disturbing actually, with how the lifestyle is.

BUT! Still one of the best movies I've ever watched, hands down.

nice movie , s**t music

Oh I love the song Jai Ho :]

I watched the movie with my friends and it was amazing.
It could be a little disturbing to see the slum's lifestyles,
but the movie showed how it is important to be true to yourself and to the world.

I saw that movie a few days ago and I really enjoyed . The story is just wonderful and it's something new , not like all that movies with similars scripts , the actors are really good and personally I completely "enter" in the story ! amazing !

i watched it yesterday 🙂 it was really good 🙂 i cant watch it again

It's a beautiful movie! Jamal (when he was young) is so cute!!

@ aariz - he did not clinch a single oscar. he is NOT an actor. they were Grammys fyi