learning Polish
I want to make friends.
I would like to find new friends to improve my English😊
What's your favourite book ever?
What's your favourite book??
The mailfriend I would like to find
Marvel fans
let's be penpals!
Making friends!!!
What's your favourite piano piece?
How to stay awake without coffee🙈🙈🙈
Spirit and God
Which sport do you love? I love fitness
Cercasi amic*/ looking for a friend
How to improve one's execution ability?
Let's Be friends
I'm searching for one or two new penpals =)
Martial art and self defense
Looking for penpals
Looking for a penpal to share my daily life
What are your tips for learning a language?
looking for an English penpal
Learning Eglish and making friends
Practicing Italian
Yugioh fans
Postcrossing friends