What's your favourite book ever?
What is your favorite 3 movie
Anyone care about nature and global warming?
New penpals? :)
I’m searching penpals in Europe ( 11-15 years)
Looking for penpals age 10-15!
Who wants to write me ?
I'm looking for English native speakers
Let's be friends
Vorrei imparare inglese
Astrological signs
YouTube channel
Any fans of Timothée Chalamet?
What is it your native language ?
English and spanish native speakers
Friends with a 17 years old guy to mainly improve his english skills.
Free English Lesson at Inbe House.
I‘m looking for sb to exchange letters😊
What was the last book you read? What book are you currently reading?
English speaking help
What the heck are you doing about climate change?
Looking for honest and sincere epal
What are your tips for learning a language?
Hi! Want be my real pen pal with real letters?
Anybody up for truth or dare??