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Looking for someone to teach me Korean/
Looking for Portuguese speaker
I can teach Kurdish
Any georgian speaking people here ? 🇬🇪
🇳🇱 Dutch - Nederlands 🇳🇱
Learn arabic
Learn Norwegian
Learn Polish
Learn German and Chinese
Szukaj native speakerów języka polskiego
I looking to learn new languages
Do you think that surrogacy should become legal in Germany?
Looking for penpals from Korea :)
I want to learn Arabic
What languages do you speak or learn?
Russian, Hungarian, Finnish and Norwegian!!
Russian русский язык
I want to learn Korean in exchange of Dutch or English
Help me with Korean pls! <3
Esperanto,Failed or Successful...!?
Looking for a Swedish pen pal
What languages do you speak?
Uczysz się niemieckiego - Uczę się polskiego
Looking for Klingon or Esperanto speakers
Learning languages
Learn Danish
Learning Polish