Looking for Russian penpals Autres langues

I'm pretty interested on Russian culture s and Russia's language. At the same time,I'm also looking for more and more friends who I can chat with?. Could you be my friend?

Hello! I am from Russia and I wanna learn English.
Let's be penpals. 🙂

Здравствуйте 🙂
меня зовут Ксения. Я из Германии.
I'm looking for a russian penpal to improve my russian. And I think it's also pretty nice to have something else than bills in the post box, from time to time

Привет Ксения
Напиши мне 🙂

Hello, I`m Laetitia. I´m looking for a Russian too.

Hi I'm happy to tell you about Russia, its culture history and life. I am studying at St Petersburg University so I can also tell you about our University life.