Russian, Hungarian, Finnish and Norwegian!! Autres langues

Hello! As you can already see above, I am obsessed with many many languages and if I could, I would learn every single one. But as this is not possible, I chose my four favourite languages. But don't understand it wrong, I am always open for new languages (Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish etc.) You see, languages are my biggest passion and I'd be glad to find a penpal friend to talk about languages. I come from Germany, btw, so if anybody outside there wants to learn german, I'm looking forward to teach you 🙂 My name is btw Natalie, I am 14 years old and...yeah. I don't know what to write more.

(Well, with the title I just mean that these are my favourite languages. I DO NOT mean, that I do not like the others. )

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What about Italian ? 🙂

If you want, i can help you with Russian😉

I can help with Russian too ))

Hey i need help with Russian. I can help with english or my native language for you guys if you want. I am also looking to start a russian course in [url=]EchoEE[/url]. What do you think?


Hi, I can help you to learn Hungarian if you would like.

I can help you with Spanish

Start with esperanto, then the most regular of your favorite languages (norwegian seems a nice start, russian next (or the other way around)). It is said after 5 languages mastered, “languages just get learned alone”, so don’t despair for your tremendous ambitions 😆 above all you need to start somewhere.