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War In Palestine Politics and governments

Israeli army and government continues to invading Palestine.

Yes, Jewish people are not responsible about it. I think Israel government is the guilty one. Since 1947, Palestinians are murdered and their country is invaded. For decades, they are "genocided" but their stand continues. This is not only about religion, Middle East or politics. It's a tragedy. But, until all of Palestine get freedom, the stand shouldn't stop. Stands in Vietnam, Morocco and etc succeeded. It will come true again.

I would like to learn your ideas about Israel-Palestine problem and if you also support Palestinians' great stand, please write here...

I think you are right. The problem is that a lot of people say "jewish" to say "Israel". And even in Israel not everybody is for this politic.

I'm not against the existence of Israël. But the colonisation they are doing on Palestine can't continue. They should act for peace.

Yes there are some terrorists in Palestine. But the war just make them stronger.

War? Now? In this 21st century ?
I didn't know that.

Topic too sensitive for now, I'm gonna have to close it in order to avoid mess.. :/

Thank you for your understanding

This topic is locked. New posts aren't allowed at this time.