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Who do you think will win at the football European Championship? detective

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France, of course 😁
( i'm joking, of course -_- )

I've been supporting Germany and the Netherlands form the start and they've both had great games so far. Especially with the two brilliant Dutch goals yesterday.

I'm not surprised that England didn't even qualify because the majority of the best players in the Premiership are foreign anyway.

Netherlands was very very good..
They could win. But i see a finale : Germany vs France.
Vicotry for..... Héhé I'm sad to say germany 😃

well i would normally support russia, but they lost to spain, so i going to have to say France or Germany.

Héhé 😃 You are really right 🙂

Ha, you won't be saying that when the French are beaten by the Dutch this evening! Sorry to say it, but it's true. 🙂

Yea okay... Dutsch could win 😃

They played a really pretty game. France can be better, but for the moment it is not... 😛

maybe .. Russia : )?
I believe legend of Hiddink

Yea okay... Dutsch could win 😃

They played a really pretty game. France can be better, but for the moment it is not... 😛

You do have quite a few good players, but I think you lack a player like Zidane. Once there is talent like that on the team you could do very well.

It was a great game though.

A few good players ? that's why english clubs buy them all ! tongue

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Well okay...We just loosed yesterday...

We have some really good players....They just have to learn how to play fast, beautifull and together... 😃

Okay, now, i say that the final will be Germany/Netherlands

Netherlands will win

I think you were just a bit unlucky. I mean, Ribéry being injured and having to go off and then when the other guy was given a red card. I felt sorry for the substitute who was only on for about 15 minutes!

Once there is stronger leadership inthe team I think it will be much better.


Well, russia won against netherlands... I don't know who could win now. I'm lost

What do you think about a final with Germany and Italia?

I was with Netherlands and Spain, but Netherlands is out 🙁, I hope Spain goes to final, I think a final, Germany vs Spain, well who knows :S, this is a crazy Euro

unfortunately Italy lost yesterday!=(

so i think that Germany and Russia are going to the finals!=)

Mna, I really thought the Netherlands would go far, at least Germany are still in.

I think Germany v. Spain would be a good final fixture though.