Profile... Report a technical issue

It's not saving my hobbies on my profile...Or it says it does and then when I view my profile it says No Hobbies...

hmmmm. might be a programming error. contact vedlen.

Christa, what webbrowser are you using ? Apparently it doesn't support arrays within checkboxes.
Try Internet Explorer or Firefox or even better, Opera.

Let me know if you still have the problem

I left you a comment on your profile about this Vedlen, but nevermind, it seems to be working now!


hellow, there is a problem with my profile, it has been deactivated, I received an E-mail warning that there is a spam in my comments folder. But I don't know what it is. now any how you have deactivated it. So plz be kind enough to re activate it again. My profile name is Sudara, plz. You may remove any comment 4m my profile. Plz re activate it again. Plz. Thank you. plz i hope u will activate it again. My profile name is Sudara

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