Everyday life and customs

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What`s your favorite thing too drink?
Interesting fact about the city you live
Will we ever get what we dream off?
When is your birthday?
Where do you dreamed to visit in your dream?
I wonder how the education in foreign country is.
Permanent Lovers
Рецепт вашего любимого блюда
Happy Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day
Carnival Greetings to the world from Cologne/Germany
Happy Chinese New Year!
How do you interact with Nature?
What‘s the meaning of this sentence?
International penpals meeting
How do you say "thank you" on your language?
Food in England
Merry Christmas to everyone in the world🎄😊
Book journal
How do you say "Yes" and "No" in your language ?
🌌__Singularity ... A ... Travelogue__🌌
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Your 2023
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exchange packages / snail mailing
Daily quotes
What did you eat at New Year's Eve dinner?