Everyday life and customs

What do you think of covid-19?
instant messaging at your location
What will you do if it rains when you go out and you don't have an umbrella?
what is your wishes for 2021?
your hobbies
What is your favorite holiday or day of the year?
Children's rights
When is your birthday?
Opinion about Melancholia
What do you do when you are bored?
Humans: The greatest puzzle EVER
Philosophy: What is utopia?
The most beautiful word in your language
Masks in your country 😷
which is the first novel you finished reading in a foreign language?
Am I a good photoer?
Rudest thing you have ever done unintentionally in abroad?
people who live in the middle of the netherlands and like to be creative?
Tell us one random fact about yourself.
Love is love....
Does art need color?
Guys what's your breakfast like?
I need stamps for my grandfather
Stress in everyday life
Do you think aliens exist?
The lockdown and family connection.