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Do you like horses?
Religion in your country
What's your favourite word? :)
How do I deal with head pain/crying
What’s your average Screen Time?
Football, favourite team
Tell a creepy urban legend from your country...
What did u do for new year?
Everyday Life In ..............(Enter Your Country)
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Plans for the new year
How do you deal with dysmenorrhea?
When is your birthday?
I m looking for a pen pal to exchange letters, postcards and packages
Plan for 2021 Xmas
a sweet from other nations
How to say "family"
What do you feel about the would you live in? do you think you could make it better what are your...
How do you say "Yes" and "No" in your language ?
What's a typical dish from your country?
Do you use Tinder?
Finding penpals, friends, people to chat...
what's your favorite flower?
Can someone help me with Korean??
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