Everyday life and customs

Tell us one random fact about yourself.
plz give your opinion on my subject:)
Tips for sleeping
Christmas traditions
What will you do if it rains when you go out and you don't have an umbrella?
Daily quotes
Love is love....
Which languages do you learn at school in your country?
Looking for snail mail friends
How do you experience Corona? I'm writing a book
What's your comfort food?
English penpal
different country different schools
Wie erlebt ihr Corona? Ich schreibe ein Buch
Share an interesting idioms from your native language
Se souvenir de ma enfance
the stages of school
Christmas in Canada
Christmas meal. Who has started cooking already and what?
Stress in everyday life
What supper power would you like to have?
How do you say 'I love you' in your langauge?
What is your favorite holiday or day of the year?
What's your favourite word? :)
When was the last time you smiled?
your hobbies
Echange/ idée recette : Exchange/recipe idea
How do you say you don't speak the language in your language
conocer gente nueva