Everyday life and customs

What`s your favorite thing too drink?
Anybody from Haiti?
What is your morning routine??
Finding penpals, friends, people to chat...
christians here?
Family troubles
What are you doing in a free time?
What's your favourite word? :)
How to say "family"
What makes you happy?
Interest in old languages
Which languages do you learn at school in your country?
which country would you like to visit next?
How do people celebrate for new year in your country?
Your childhood bad habit.
What is your favourite food from your country and why?
How do you say "thank you" on your language?
what means the color blue for you?
Traveling to Czech republic
How do you say you don't speak the language in your language
your hobbies
What is you favourite book ever ?
Languages for personal development
I am bored..................................Can you teach me something?
Jhon constantine
Do you think aliens exist?
Does art need color?