Everyday life and customs

Easter in your country
I want some lovely penfriends
aesthetic penpals wanted 😊
Love is love....
"peace" in your language
What will you do if it rains when you go out and you don't have an umbrella?
Do you think aliens exist?
What is your favoruite name?
How do you say "thank you" on your language?
Which languages do you learn at school in your country?
What's your favourite word? :)
the stages of school
What is/are your favorite plant/s?
Photo of nature in your country!
Traditional food/meals
Stay happy although Corona
What is the meaning of true love?
Lovers of Jesus
anyone for oktoberfest
give me 3 words!
What's your favorite clothing?
Snail mail friends!
Looking for snail mail friends
Penpals During CoVid, Meetup After CoVid!
How do you say you don't speak the language in your language
christians here?
wanna chat?