What are your favourite animals? English

Cats are stupid but I love them🐱💗


I really like wolfs and cats 💗

eagles 🙂

actually I like all the animals, but my favourite are cats and cute dogs 😉

I really like wolfs and cats 💗

I love horses! I think this animals are so amazing*-*

I love snakes!

All kinds of animals. Cannot imagine my life without one. For now: Just a cat. Have had dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters and in the beginning of my life (when I was a kid) horses. Life is not complete without animals for me. But taking care of them cost money. So .... just a cat for now.🙂

Sea turtles!! ♡

My favorite animal are dogs, horses and rabbits

my favourite animals are Cate, dog, Krokodilen, horse

I looove horses 🙂)))

My favorite pets and animals are dogs, wolves, rabbits and horses. Especialy two Sandy and Jerry.

I love all animals but my favorite are cats 🙂

I love dogs. In my future I see myself at home with a dozen of german sheperd 🙂


My favourite animal is dog but I love sloths,too!