What are your favourite animals? English

I love horses and Dogs

Dogs, cats, rabbits, lions,raccoons, ferrets, hamsters...

I love dogs and cats ❤

I like sloths. They're so cute🙂

I like a dogs only dogs 🙂

Dogs 😍

Box Box

All animals with fur and legs 🙂

I love small pandas (?), leopards and my guinea pig Max, hes really cute with his black eyes and the long brown fur.

sea otters, they're insanely cute, mostly the little ones...

My favorite animals are cats. I don't know why, I just love them

I love rabbits, because they are so sweet and loving (:

I love meerkats 😃

dog and puppy

Lizards in general, exotic fish, octopuses (octopi?), majestic lions and funny monkeys, all the way!

i love all animals! But i worked with elephants in Thailand and i thought the were soo amazing! so i guess elephants are my favs!

I like coats! They are so cute! Haha

Our dog Nala and cats are funny. I also like squirrels 😉

I love all kinds of bears 🙂