What are your favourite animals? English

my favorite animal is an jaguar. haha

I like dogs, small cats and rabbits!

my favorites are wolves, dogs, exotic cats, and peacocks =]

my favorities pet is my dog "Kuli" 🙂

My favorite animals are large breed dogs. I have two great pyrenees and wish I had a great dane.

hamsters meerkats so cute

The pitbull and the reptiles =)

I love all animals but my favourites are absolutely canines. Especially wolves and dogs. I like wolves 'cause I think they're very cute and interesting. Dogs are my favourites 'cause they're lovely and loyal animals. They mostly are really good friends for humans. I know that 'cause I have got two dogs. 😉

I love dogs especially mastiff and pitt bull... I have two pittbull and they are lovely 😁

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my favourite animals are bag dogs and bads.

My all time favorite animals are horses....they are my life 🙂...but other than that i love dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds and all farm animals🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Reptiles, horses, cows, guinea pigs, cats, lions, pigs.

I love dogs, sheep and cats.
I hate spiders.

I'm the only one to love rats?

I like snakes, moose, wolves, eagles and owls.

i love them all! but if i have to say wich i love the most i should say dogs. 🙂
i also really love dolphins and rabbits

Cats, dolphins

My cat, Tiki