What are your favourite animals? English

Camels, anyone?
If you too, like this 'sand ship' that can survive in the desert for days, can drink up to 100 L, 60 L/minute, you might be interested in watching the documentary: "The story of the weeping camel" which takes place in Mongolia.

I do love cats too.

Dogs. Why do uou like elks ? 😃

I like little monkeys



Definitely polar bears, cats and dogs, and foxes.

I love cats. 🙂

Lemurs, red pandas, and turtle

now only a dog can be a friend

Cats..... i have 3 🙂

I love dolphins and pandas 😄 the next are dogs

my favourite animals are dogs,cat and elk. And yours ?
🙂 🙂
Well, I like horses 🙂