What are your favourite animals? English

my favourite animals are dogs,cat and elk. And yours ?
🙂 🙂

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My favorite animal is our dog. 9 Years old, and still a little rascal. I love him, he's my buddy. The only one who knows my deepest thoughts.

I love cats!

Cars, dogs...and horses 😉

cats. they are so amazing...

Dodo Bird but this animal don't exist now because Dodo Bird died in XVII° . 🙁

Cars, dogs...and horses 😉
I did not know cars are animals 😉

I love cats, dogs are nice too 🙂

My favorite pets are dogs and cats.

C. A. T. S *________*

Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs

I like dogs and......elephants)))))

I am a big animal lover. Now I have a dog, Shiba Inu called Yoshi. He is 8months old. And we also have a guinea pig.

cat and dog 😃

Dogs, deer, and Moose :3

Cats , dogs, frogs =D

I love animals and my favorites are Cat and Horse.

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Dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters 😛

Smooth-coat (shorth-haired) chihuahua dogs.