Do you support gay rights? Anything and everything

no i can't support my answer , and there is no need to spam me with your comments , you simply post here.

the question was if i support gay rights , i've done my job and simply answered to it.

it's not your problem if i want to support my idea in public or not ,nor which country i am born in and what things i am allowed to do or not.

Well it's the internet, so you don't have to do anything.

But the purpose here is a "discussion", nobody is interested in you give a "no" or "yes" as long as you don't explain why.

Doing this just shows that you want attention...and take up space.

I think it's just logically incorrect to be disrespecting another group. Would you say it's okay when the world would forbid Romanian's to get married? Just for they are Romanian's-?

As for Christian and religious beliefs:

Jesus and Mohammed would turn around in their graves if they knew what was happening on earth.

yay , it took 4 months for you to answer

I do have a life outside the internet 🙂
I take your comment as a symbol of speechlessness.

i have one too , your comment is pointless.

symbol of speechlessness ? why ? i didn't have to answer you in any way.

🙂 blah.

i'm not for gay mariage and adoption, but in all the others things i think gay should can to live free, work as an other people, as everybody and should not be discriminate. If i'm homophobic ? no sure, i have some friends who are homo and i'm their friend, i don't think they are less than me and i don't thin they are more than me. But it not want to say that we are similar... We are not similar (same) in my opinion and we are different. i think each people of this word is different, and here we have two category of people who are differents. So we can't talk of this two groups with the sames caracteristics, so theses groups are differents and difference not have to be see as a distance, a danger, but accepted.
oh et puis mince vous me demandez ici de dialoguer sur un sujet super délicat, où le juste milieu a sa place car le dbat est à traiter de façon subtile! on parle d'humains et ma position peut être assez à nuancer et là j'ai à m'exprimer sur ce sujet dans une langue que je ne maîtrise pas très bien, et par conséuent, je n'ai pas énormément de possibiliter de nuancer mes propos! si vous voulez je serais heureux de parler en français mais si je continue en anglais vous allez comprendre mes opinions à contre-sens!
Homosexuels sont différents des heterosexuels (sinon pourquoi 2 mots pour décrire la même chose? 2 mots ne sont jamais à 100% identiques) mais cette différence ne doit pas laisser place à une ségrégation dans la vie de ces personnes. Si je me prononce contre le mariage et l'adoption des couples gay, c'est sur cette raison. Le mariage est dans la société européenne très ancré dans une vision/tradition judéo-chrétienne, qui proscrit l'homosexualité... il faut donc un autre type d'union différent pour unir ce type de couple. (ça existe plus ou moins sous forme de paxe en France, mais je suis contre cette forme de paxe également: il ne revêt quasiment que des aspects financiers d'une union...)
Quant à l'adoption, ben selon moi les couples gay font un choix en choisissant ce type d'union et doivent l'assumer biologiquement sur ce point.
bonne soirée à tous, y compris aux homosexuels!

About becoming gay, lesbian, muslim, jewish or anything like these people, please see the film "V for Vendetta".

please see the film "V for Vendetta".
why don't you tell us a bit about this movie ?

I totally support gay rights,
i think gay people should be allowed to marry and adopt (it isn't the case in France yet and i regret it, we like to call ourselves, France the country of Human Rights but we still have much to achieve...)

[btw : V for Vendetta is a really good movie about individual freedom, especially freedom of speech --> JUST WATCH IT]

I support gays rights. They are human before gay. What you say if one of your family is gay? It doesn matter they are gay or not. We are human. Heman have right to have right!

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How do you know people are born gay?
I have a couple friends that did not like guys until recently.
I sorta believe in the chemical thing, but mainly I think its a choice...

my opinion People are NOT born gay,

now I'm Not saying its wrong (YES I AM) but i am saying that they are the way they are because of there Environment (lack of male role model, child abuse....)

I do. There's no right to discriminate them only for their sexual preferences, they're humans and they feel, the same as us.

Well, no.

Gay girls? Now thats a different story : )

I support gay rights!! my best friend's brother is gay, so therefore i support them, he hasn't changed, the only thing different is that he likes something that not all people do.
I was raised always to accept people for who they are.

I do support gays....not only because my brother is gay but they have a sense of (their own person) idk its kinda a hard word to put in there but yeah. People are the same, each one of us breathes right? Each one of us has eyes right? Each one of us has feelings right? Each one of us has a heart right? Well all of these things everyone has in common but yes we do view things different, have different opinions, think differently but in the end we all are the same. Yes sometimes people treat them differently, i mean like let them get away with things (cause the don't want to look bad) but they also get treated horribly by people yelling mean things, or writing ( fagot ) on stuff. Most of all that is really annoying is guys think its o.k. for girls to be gay but yet it's not o.k. for guys to be gay? Whats up with that?!?!!! That is total hypocritical and not OK!!!! but yes I do support gays and whatever else comes my way.

<3 With lots of love to my brother!! =]

I support Gay Rights cause they leave all girls for us XD I don't support lesbian rights cause it's a waste of resources XDXD. No I'm joking I support them except for the possibility to adopt a child. I think that a child to grow in a good way needs, a dad and a mum, not two dads :°D and this could be a trauma for the child in future, when he will start to ask himself why everyone has a mother and he has two fathers. About the marriage they can have it in my opinion without problems they have the right to do that, but don't put children in the middle of that question.

I start saying that i'm nothing to judge people, so i won't in both good and bad ways.
Anyway, cause of some things that happened to me (no, no one touched me, but still) i don't want to have any contact with them. They can do anything they want as long as they act good (just like all people have to do), and they don't show their gayness as if they are better (sure, this also applies to etero people).

This said, now i write the theory:
Human nature is all based on the attraction between opposite sexes, the body, the mind, all. It's in this way that we can have children! If someone breaks this natural law then he/she breaks the natural order.

These things i wrote, are without any judgement, just the result of reason. It's also true that love has no reason, so if two people are in love they have no fault.

But Gays have to accept that this world is populated by common sense, religion, racism etc. And they can't change it, cause no one can change people.

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