Anything and everything

When is your birthday??
In your opinion, is the Rape of Proserpina one of the most beautiful statues in the world ?
Is anyone suffering from cancer, here comfortable to share their journey of that of their loved...
which language(s) do u want to learn?
Something can change a person
Do you feel lonely easily?
How tall are you?
is there any gymrat?
Story maker
Has anyone ever gotten a creepy email from a guy named Zach Chapman that harasses women for...
Do you find older people messaging you creepy?
Looking for a Pen Pal
Positive messages
Any advice for a new dog owner?
Are u a vegetarian or vegan 🌱?
What is your favorite cheese?
any ukrainian older ladies
What song describes your life
Do you think PenPal Gate is in decline ?
Contact me if you are interested in Hygge (Coziness)
Any understanding people who are willing to chat to a shy and awkward girl
What music do you listen to?
Schottisch-Gälisch lernt
exchange letters / snail mailing/ pen pal
Strange comments about your look
Who knows like the flirting signs of a female?