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Any Snail Mail Stories/Advice?
How to say 'Hello' in your language? :)
Greetings in your language
Favorite Birds
Where are u from?
Once upon a time......
What is the phone desktop?
Do you discriminate against Gay?
What is your favorite Brand?
Hello there! ☀️
Julia Cameron books
Seeking penpals
How snail mail from LATAM?
penpal 🤗
🇷🇺🌹🦋Looking for penpal from Russia🦋🌹🇷🇺
Snail mail !!!
Let’s play a game!
Girl to girl penpal wanted 😊🌻
A word to describe yourself
Who is(are) your idol(s)?
Heart in your language
Any Hungarian?
Cool recipes
Science penpals
Pet's habits
Who wants to take part in a project?