Anything and everything

Give me a topic to write about
Manifestation to get back lover
Brieffreund / Pen pal
Have you gotten into a fight? If so what was it about?
Is anyone single and would like someone?
Your fav Anime?
How can I get a girlfriend?
I am depressed because tommrow is monday
Favorite movie?
best advice you got
I need advice
Do you have cowboys and cowgirls from you country?
What's the worst life advice you have gotten and how would you now advise someone finding...
What's a popular sport in your country?
What are you reading now?
Your opinion about soccer?
favorite anime caracter
What is your personality?
what were your beliefs when you were little?
Finding penpals, friends, people ....
Tell me the best quote you’ve heard
What’s your favourite type of cake?
What did you learn from failures and problems?
Questions and Answers 🍕
Would you date a person from a different country?
What are your favorite activities?
who is your crush😍😘🥰😉
What is/are your favorite animal/s?
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