Anything and everything

One day "h"
What body style attracts you the most?
Who's your celebrity crush?
Favorite Birds
How to say 'friend'in your language?
Have you ever dyed your hair ?
How do you feel about messed up jokes/dark and offensive humor?
How do you feel about group chats?
I don't understand the metric system
favorite anime caracter
Who knows like the flirting signs of a female?
which language(s) do u want to learn?
Left handed or right handed ?
Looking for penpal!!!
do you like birds dogs or cats
how do you look?
Summerbreak friends
Who do you miss the most?💔
Your nickname?
Catacombes en france
Is there anyone interested in Aircraft?
Do you discriminate against Gay?
What is your personality?
Does anyone like big boats and ships?
Yuzuru Hanyu
Your favorite aromatic plant/herb ?
✨🌝 Good night in your language ✨🌝