Anything and everything

What’s the MOST painful thing someone told you?
Career|Is it late to switch to other career path at 30 or so?
Introduce Us To Good new Or Old Members!
How would you define a bilingual ?
Which country do you want to live in?
do you like birds dogs or cats
Do you discriminate against Gay?
If you would have one hour left to live, wwyd?
Have you ever dyed your hair ?
Is anyone else here too insecure to put up a photo of their face??
Does a person need to resist a deadly disease?
Postcards/letters exchange 🇺🇦 ✉ (snail mail)
humorpizza's nook
Would you fight for the person you love?
who can be my friend!
Opinions about ourselves
Iphone the best choice or Android has its speciality?
What is your Favorite vehicle?
Tell somthing about you're favourit book!
Do you ever talk to yourself?
Where did you go on vacation this year ?
For how long have you been penpalling (not only through this website)?
What are the top three ways you deal with stress?
What makes you feel relaxed?
Finding new friend🥳
✨🌝 Good night in your language ✨🌝