Anything and everything

Questions and Answers 🍕
Cute in your language
What are you reading now?
Who's your favourite person on earth?
Meet pals from Europe (Only for female friendship)
which language(s) do u want to learn?
Depression -- Depressione
Make new Friends?
How to say ''book'' in your language :)
✨🌝 Good night in your language ✨🌝
Favorite food?
What's your favorite Anime?
Harry Potter-favorite characters
any instagram users??
Free websites to learn a language
Looking for snail mail or swap
How do you survive during the hot weather?
How would you rename the "coronavirus"?
Law of Attraction
Does anyone write poetry or stories
Do you consider yourself beautiful/handsome?
Do you have true strange events?
Let's talk! I wanna hear your voice
How tall are you?
What do you think will be the national team that will win Euro 2020 this year?
What is your birthmonth, starsign
Learn Danish
Exchanging letters
Who wants to learn Italian?
Who want to learn some Spanish?