Anything and everything

In searching for a friend or Penpal
Tell a weird dream
What's your favorite cheese ?
How would you rename the "coronavirus"?
Looking for penpals
Wanting people to talk to.
How tall are you?
Rights Violated
Learn Spanish
In which countries did you go in your dreams ?
What's your favorite quote?
Hey guys! I love foreign cultures and I'd really like to know where are you from, what are your...
What do you think will be the national team that will win Euro 2020 this year?
let's talk
What's a popular sport in your country?
What is/are your favorite animal/s?
What is the language that this sentence in?
Question to think about
Looking for a penpal!
Looking for travel related experience content creators
Who have an "Alexa"?
Harry Potter - What is your favourite part?
Harry Potter-favorite characters
Bugs 🐛
In search of a penpal!
postcrossing/postcard exchanging
Name the songs and movies you know that have absolutely and nothing to do with love...