Anything and everything

Who is your favorite celeberity?
Do you guys believe in ghosts?)
Diddl Maus
What's the best thing you like about autumn?
What is your favorite Place?
Whats your favorite colour?
Need gal to gal advice!!!
Is there someone pisces (zodiac)?
Has anyone done a snack or candy exchange in this site? 😅
Broken heart
Looking for a penpal/Suche einen Brieffreund/in
what is makijg your laughing?
Why penpal gate?
What do you think of the concept of "soulmates"?
Is there anyone here?
What’s your favorite food? 😄
Nederlandstalige penpals gezocht!
How is your ideal day?
looking for a chatting group
Looking for Snail Mail friends
Going back in Time
Looking for a penpal (28-34)
Cute in your language
Ancient languages
Favorite Birds
who likes to write short stories?