Do you support gay rights? Anything and everything

Yeah, I am gay so I think I have to. It's very ridiculous that some people think we're not 'normal'.
But here in Germany the gay rights are acceptable, in some other countries I don't want to live because of them :|

Yea! Gay rights are basic human rights. Man in a modern socialism, where we'd perceive the downfall of USSR and so on through a dialectic and materialist framework, we wouldn't have this discussion...

A way to long discussion ... why we're debating about human rights?
To differntiate the men and women in the groups of "normal" and "gay" ones is as senseless as Hitler was ... sorry for that.

Yes, I absolutely support those rights, I'm gay, maybe that's why, but I hate those "No, that's unnormal" etc.

My opinion is there, be happy or not.

gay rights are human rights 😃 sounds wrong discussing wherever other humans should get rights or not ...

Well, if you don't kiss in public, you shouldn't have any problems, just stop exhib. It is disgusting even if you're hetero. This should be private.

I can't say that I support gays but I think that they deserve to live a HAPPY LIFE without being discriminated but also without provoking others.
Yes without provoking others like in the Jerusalem gay pride where gays flags were hung in front of the Great Synagogues in Jerusalem. Please find the link
I know that you (Gay) have the same rights as the Rabbis of the Synagogues on the path or the road that you take but in the depths of your heart you would not deny that there is a kind of provocation. I know that you respond to their arrogance because they think that you are different but until when .... all that will end.
In this world you will find someone who killed his relatives and being jailed for 10 or 25 years and after he is released in the society as if they was nothing.
I am Rwandan, I knew genocide in my country so I know what I am saying,
So if things like that happen in this world why someone would shout out saying gay death just because they are gays!!!!
In my opinion discrimination is the beginning of the end of a society or even civilization because it creates all types of sadness that you can face in this world.
I think we need to open our hearts, be wise and tolerant.
Have a nice day!

I support HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!
If a person loves another person, let them be.
If two persons want to adopt a child, they should be able to do that (of course only if the are good at parenting, but that's another story).

Why fo we always label people, Heterosexual, Homosexual, white, black, Asian, European, Christian, Muslim. All this doesn't matter.
The only thing that matters is your behavior. If you treat me well then I will do the same in return, no matter what gender, sexuell orientation, religion or anything else.

If I go and adopt a child then it's ok but if I have a partner of the same sex it's instantly not, wtf is wrong with everyone

yes, i support

what I find interesting is people don't realise animals in the wild do it with the same sex too. so with that in mind ask your self this, is my life that boring and that unfulfilled I have to make other people hurt inside? let them get on with it. my problem and I have 2 is, why do they need a parade every year? we get it your gay who the hell cares lol and 2 stop with the glitter at these festivals ! we haven't colonised mars yet so we only have this 1 planet.