Do you support gay rights? Anything and everything

I'm not a homosexual but I do support them.

nobody can judge others because of what they want to be.

i completely support them!!! most of my friends are gay and i'm bi so i guess i kinda have to!!

i support gay rights. i'm not gay or lesbian or bi but that doesn't mean i hate homosexual people. everybody has a right to be happy and some people are happier sexually with people that have the same genitals as them. and i have a few gay friends. but if you are gay, i just don't want to see it. nothing personal.

Yeah I do, even if I'm not gay.
Too many people forget that gays are like everybody, that they`re allowed to be in love !
It would be great if they could get married__

i don't support their rights.

Alright, I like that this is a liberal forum.

Let's play a game. Insert the following:



No offense, and don't get me wrong, but I can't tolerate people who don't tolerated other races/ethnics/sexualities.
You probably choked when you read the Jewish question, but funny how some kind of people reserve such a privilege of owning a sanctuary of freedom and other's don't.

i don't play any games , i answered to the question.

i don't play any games , i answered to the question.
I feel really sorry, but could you support your answer?

I could say that I don't support you because you are from Romania, so that your not allowed to marry nor have sex.
End of story.

Fair? I don't think so.

no i can't support my answer , and there is no need to spam me with your comments , you simply post here.

the question was if i support gay rights , i've done my job and simply answered to it.

it's not your problem if i want to support my idea in public or not ,nor which country i am born in and what things i am allowed to do or not.

i don't care about what do you think it's fair or not , you obviously have some sort of obsession against those who don't answer to you or do what do you want.

about the comment you left to me ... i hope you'll "die more wisely" too.


pff why shouldnt we suport them? as long they r not perverts and dont hurt anyone of course i do
love is love and we dont choose the person we fall for. a person should be valuded for their values personality good actions sense of humor and all the good things, the sexuality has nothing to do if a person is good or bad

I totally support. One of my best friend is a lesbian and she's cool : ))

No I don't, "Gay not the Way"
But I don't have anything against gay people...

No, i see gay people the same way i see pedophiles, the scum of this earth.

of course I support gay right - even if I'm not gay - and I'm really shocked by the website you showed us, Vandien. I didn't know homophobia was so... hard.
it's just crazy.

well, i not big fan of gays... im okay with them if they don't do something that bothers me, and by bothering i mean things that idiot ppl do,

i think everyone should have the same rights,
i'm not gay, even not bi🙂

Ofcourse! Everyone deserve the same rights! Why wouldn't you allow love? and I'm not gay.. (':

I have nothing against gay people i think they deserve respect as everybody else, but what i disagree with is a gay couple raising a kid, I think this is not correct becuase they were taking influence in the preferences of the kid, I think everyone who is gay should be because is part of their nature or their own decision not by seeing that on their parents

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