Do you support gay rights? Anything and everything

I made this topic cause i read on another forum a topic about it and I have to say that there are some reaction of people that... drive me crazy dots
Well the question was "Do you support gay rights ?"

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I'll give my opinion later 🙂

Im not for it but it wouldnt bother me

I am gay and I strongly support it. As a citizen of this world, I am entitled to my own rights to live my own life protected by the constitution.

I do support gay rights 🙂
I would like that they could get married. A love between 2 people from the same sex is the same than between a woman and a man.

I do support gay rights 🙂
I would like that they could get married. A love between 2 people from the same sex is the same than between a woman and a man.
I agreen

i dont support

Could you explain why you do or why you don't support the homosexuels rights please? That's interessant

I do support the gay rights. I don't think they're any different from the so-called "normal" people, cos there are NO normal people in the first place. Everyone's unique. It's the individual's choice. They can like whomever they want to.

Ray Ray

Sure I support gay rights, in a way I don't think it's right but everyone is entitled to do what they want to with their lives. But you know the keyword here is RIGHTS. Every person has their rights and homosexual people should be able to have the same rights as everybody else. A whole other topic would be gay marriage or gay love. Although many people think that it is wrong, I believe that if you truly love somebody no matter what even if you are gay or straight or a completely other race, its ok. Its LOVE and well some people say you can't choose love, but if you love someone you should just go for that person just that much harder.




I do support Gay rights, Although i am not gay,
Well.. The main reason i support gay rights is just to piss off the Homophobes.

I am not a supporter nor a homophobe. 😉

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Firstly, thank you for all your answers =)
Well, I gonna tell you what i think:
I do support gay rights, actually i strongly support it because i really think that love between men and women can be the same than between 2 men or 2 women. On the other website ,i debate almost everyday with people who hate them, with most of the time no reason, or because of religion...
Like French-touch said i'd like that they could be married and adopt kids (god, if they love each other!)

But if you hate them, don't be afraid to tell us why 😁

I'm just making a "up" to show you how people can be so stupid, how far can go the intolerance...

I do support gay rights, I believe that people don't have the right to judge others based on who they love.

I support gay rights. I believe that if two people love each other, they should be together. Besides, being gay is not "abnormal" or anything. The only reason people see it that way is because society declares it that way. Hopefully, some day soon in the future, people will come to accept gays and allow them to marry and adopt kids in ALL states/countries, and not just some of them. I don't really get what the big deal about gay marrige is anyway. It's not going to have any bad effects or anything. It's just stupid that some places don't allow it.

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If you want my opinion, I support! Why? Because i'm gay... I think the person who said "Hahah, gay aren't "normal"". It's just because they not agree our choice... Just because we are "different" of her orientation. I think Gay or Bisexual can get married or adopt kid.....

Of course.

Love is love. Equality for everyone. Vive la difference~

I think "supporting gay rights" is somewhat ambiguous. The definition probably varies person to person.

I support equal rights for everyone, but not special rights for anyone such as reverse discrimination policies. I believe homosexuality is a natural occurrence that serves a biological and social role and thus do not believe that it is "different." I consider it a component of the norm and my education has only affirmed my beliefs. One must learn prejudice and I consider discrimination against homosexual and bisexual people to be both morally reprehensible and the real dysfunction as it is a product of society.

There is no justifiable reason to deny same-sex partners the same benefits that opposite-sex partners enjoy. Marriage licenses should either be offered to both sorts of unions with identical legal benefits or governments should not regulate marriage at all. This is what freedom, tolerance, and equality is about. An argument I cannot swallow against same-sex marriage is a religious one. My religious background actually acknowledges and respects unions between same-sex couples in the same way it does opposite-sex ones. However, this religious element should be irrelevant as government should be completely secular and respect the personal liberties of us all. It is not the state's role to legislate and enforce religious codes. That is oppression and tyranny.

^I'm sorry for the rant.

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