Have you got a Blog ? Anything and everything

Hi everyone !
I noticed that many profiles mentioned that they had a blog but didn't give the address... -_-'


yes I have

=> stupid-giirl-3.skyblog.com 😛

devil > http://teacherrichard.blogspot.com/ < devil
Well guys this is mine, I've been working on this one for a wee time as the English would say; But as I am an Ozzie it's been a short while.
Hey This was an interesting subject, well done X-POP.

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This is my blog : http://avividmind.wordpress.com/

My Blog -> http://yaplog.jp/reitasmatraze/

I have a account on YouTube and DeviantArt,too ^_~


That is a old one, i didn't tuch it for 1 year