are you a naruto & kingdom hearts fan? English

i have a strange theory (that is true!), that many naruto fans are kingdom hearts fans & kingdom hearts fans are also naruto fans shuriken

who are your favourite characters in both & why!i!i

my favourite character, are sora & naruto because i like their personalities & if i knew them in real life, i'd probably be good friends with them!.


sorry to disprove your theory, but i don't like naruto... but i like kingdom hearts!!! and final fantasy!!!!!! sephiroth is my husband!!!

my favourite character in kh is riku! because he is the most awesomest ever!!! totally pro a riku+sora relationship!

I never wacthed kingdom hearts but I like naruto . My favorite is Kakashi

I like Naruto but I don't know very much Kingdom Hearts but I like Final Fantasy :smile

I don't know Kingdom Hearts, but I'm a Naruto fan 😃 through I hate Sasuke ¬¬ feels like hand-made by god.

In kimdom heart my favorite character is goofy and jack
in the world of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

I love them more than the character of Final Fantasy, because I think that character is not formatted in an ideal optical.
In Naruto ,it would be difficult to say what is my favorite character .
But I would say Naruto and Lee and although I appreciate other.
peace $:winD Nicolas

I like Naruto and Kindom heart ( and Final fantasy too : p ) , My favorite characters are Itachi in Naruto and Axel in Kingdom heart 😁

I saw only Naruto and a little from Final Fantasy..I have heard from Kingdom Hearts..but I wasn't interested in watching it...

my fav character from naruto is Deidara..i just love that Akatsuki guy..😃

I like Itachi!!!💦