School Starts Anything and everything

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For me school starts next week and well... i was wondering when everyone else's schools start. and well for me that probably means i can get on penpal-gate a lot more but who knows

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For us school starts on September the 10th.=)So,fortunately,we're still having holidays!=))I'm from Italy...

No more school for me, I got a job 😛

For us it starts on September the 2nd (for me the 3rd =P )

We start the 18 or 19 of september

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if you ask me i think the lot of you are lucky but oh well

How many monthes of holyday do you have in USA?

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well we don't get months off at a time let me think... this also sorta varies between schools but we have 1 week off of school for Spring Break i think 2 weeks off for Christmas 2 days off for Easter about 2 months off for our summer break we have also have a few other minor holiday things that we get off a day for and we don't go to school on parent teacher conference days all of this happens at my school but over all we aren't out a whole lot still. It also depends on where you are in the US when you get out as well Mostly in mississippi we get out of school in may the twenty-somethin and go back in august towards the beginning of the month but it varies between the school