What's your favorite country?Or talk about your experience of travel English

Hello,I am Catherine. : )

I love to travel around the world so much.
My dream is travel around the world before I am too old to do it.
I think I will meet Spain,Japan or Britain first because they're my favorite countries.
Although I have been to France before,but I think I will go there again,because there is so beautiful🙂

So,what about you?

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hi !!
I'm already go to spain , marocco and britain !!! I came 2 times to spain !!! It's a so beautiful country 001_wub !!! I came to barcelona and madrid <3<3 !!! I also came to london => so great I lovve !!! My dream is to be able to go to USA , new york , china, japan , italy first and then, all contries of the world 😁 !!!!
Travelling is so interesting !!!

Hi I'm already been in Russia but I'd go to Japan because it's my favorite country.

My favourite country is England of course!

Hey guys! smile My favourite country has to be at present Malaysia considering I have stopped here for the last (8) eight years. I am Australian by birth but Welsh by blood.
I have travelled considerably, specially around the South East Asian countries come on your guys you know Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan and one day Korea. Why Korea one day, funny you should ask, or did you! anyway I am a teacher and I have been teaching the Korean people here in Malaysia for like ever! and I have never been to their country, now, like I have hundreds of friends their, I must see them, because I miss my friends greatly. They know who they are, some come here to chat sometimes!
smile ONE DAY GUYS I PROMISE!!!! smile

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My favoutite country is India and Pakistan. Very very hospitable and friendly people.

I l0ve my German neighbours <33 (I live in Alsace (Elsass ?) ^.^) because they are more friendly than French people
and i love England

I want to see as many countries as possible and maybe live there. I want to go to Mexico for example, my father went there for work and he just said good things about Mexico, I want to see that too. And maybe some Carribean Islands. But I think I would just go there for holiday. Living... Maybe in the USA or Ireland.

hello there!!
i have travelled a lot in Europe: spain, italia, swizterland, germany, england, scotland, ireland and france of course😁.... and the last year i went to JAPAN i love it 😁!! and in last feburary in San francisco and Los angeles...
this summer i'll be in west of france, to pratice surf... hehehe i need to improve 😉
And my favorite country is FRANCE hehehe with Paris, Lyon!!

Countries I've been so far are: New Zealand (currently living here), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Australia.

I must say. Australia, Singapore and Thailand best. :'D
Thailand = Cheapest things everrr<3

Hopefully I'll go to Europe and Japan in the future. ^_^

i wanna make a living in germany or italy or somewhere in europe!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite is China,Of couse,It's so beautiful~ I like it ~

I have only been in germany, england and spain.

I really love the landscapes in Spain. I saw Grenada, a city i really love.
And i really like people in germany. I had some of the best times of my life there
There are some parts of France that are reall pretty (in the south, and in the west, near the ocean) and for sure, Paris is really beautifull, even if there is "a lot" of poverty there

i've never been abroad, but i'll be in USA in july! i can't wait to see what life's like in another country 😃
visiting europe is part of my plans too 😁

well. i can say my favourite country is mine: brazil /o/

Well.. I hate country I live in, and I dont know about other countrys much:/ (I have never been to any other country), but I'm going to visit Holland, Germany, France and some other europe countrys after 2 weeks :]

I'm born in Germany but I moved to America because my parents are the soldiers at Rammstein Air Base in Wiesbaden. I traveled across the Pond to Greece and Turkey (Kusadasi), my favorite country is still Germany! Go Deutschland for the World Cup Gold!

actually... I love New Zealand. don't know why, i've never been there, but it's my dream to go tehre some day 😁

i haven't seen a lot of the world... :/ only sweden and denmark

My favorite country is the one where I am when I travel. I've travelled in a lot of countries and for me a country worth only what people living there worth. But, if I had to choose, one country bewitches me it's Viet Nam and I think seriously to settle there.