Questo foro non potevi essere vuoto... Italiano

Ciao a tutti!

Io parlo spagnolo et un poco d'inglese, francese et tedesco. Vorrei imparare l'italiano, é una lingua bellissima...Veramente non la parlo...ho imparato un po' da solo ma spero parlare molto bene...

Potrei aiutarmi?

did I make sense?

maybe i can help you!
even if you're sentence is not perfectly correct you're very good as a self made italian speaker! ahahah

Deb Deb

hey!! Maybe i can help you....i speak italian, and your sentences make sense...exept some plural🙂 You are good!🙂

You learnt Italian by yourserlf?!?!?!?! :eek:
Your sentence makes much more sense than mine!!!
Very little mistakes!!
Well Done!!


your Italian is good. well done! dunno why foreigners are better than Italians at learning languages. I mean, learning our language must be not very easy: Italian is particular.
anyway, if you need help, here we are =]

(evviva il mio inglese maccheronico ninja )

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It's great you learned Italian by yourself! I've only learned it for 4 years at school so you'd better ask a native speaker 😉 But I learned German by myself and speak almost fluent, if you really want to you can manage it 😉

Hey, grazie 🙂
My italian isn't good , maybe I was lucky writting those lines 😛

Wow, you're so good! O.O
I'm trying to learn Japanese by myself, and it's so hard! ><

...And my English is very bad too! XD

onne day I will learn italian by myself when I will be brave 😁

ciao 001_cool

hey my name is lorena...i am italian but i live in AUSTRALIA.

i visited italy for 6 months when i was 3 and I went all over italy

if u are italian or australia please look at my page and send me a message or add me....



cya mwa

kisses 001_icon16 001_icon16

i wanna learn italian too!!please help me

Questo e stupefacente! Lei stesso ha insegnato? (Haha non riesco mai a scrivere in italiano. I love it) Back to english. I can barly write italian but I speak it almost fluently. if you'd like some help comment my page 🙂 anyone is welcome to.

Anche io parlo spagnolo, inglese, francese e tedesco. 😛

I'm from Italy.
Your Italian is good, especially if you learnt it alone.

hi i help you