Any Guitar players here? Everyday life and customs

Any guitar players?
I'm buying a Squier Fender Stratocaster,
and a Fender Frontman 15G amp.
Is it good?

does guitar hero count? confused1........j/k i do play guitar. i have a gibson les paul. and yea ur getting a good guitar. ok well visit my profile sometime
punk rockon
sean aka peanuthead13

Yes, i can play guitar so i can call my self a guitar player......but i am not that good!

Yes I am a guitar player too, well the squire fender is good but If I have to buy a "cheap guitar" I prefer Epiphone, it sounds a bit better 😛 but the choose is yours..and then I use a Sg Gibson so I don't know how the squire sounds 😛

I'm a guitar player too. I don't have a great guitar, I'm waiting to earn money by myself. But I try to make it sounds good.

D'you have a favorite track to play ?

Good choice, Epiphone sounds well too.

I am a guitar player as well. I don't have a nice guitar, but at least i can play songs with it.

Avoid Squier. It's the lower range, more 'affordable' version of a real Fender. My own Squier is now dominated by my Yamaha Pacifica Natural finish 🙂 If it's a start out kit then it's an even bigger reason to buy something that will sound nice and last longer. I made a mistake of going cheap and paying the price for it later.

Can't really tell for this amp - take a look at some reviews at say I got a Fender Bullet 15 DSP Amp which is the same size as the one you're about to buy. The electronics behind it are not wired very good. Great effects, very aggressive and sharp overdrive channel but it has a mind of its own. One day it'll decide to sound good and another it'll decide to sound dull (temperature dependent I guess)

Conclusion: Choose another range of stratocaster 🙂 other than Squier. I'm afraid I'm not that rich so I don't know too much about every guitar. All I can tell you is my Yamaha has one more fret than a Squier making a total of 22 frets. If you want to play some amazing metal solo then you'll want at least 26 😃

I play too but still a rookie.I bought my friend's Gibson Dark Fire guitar.....Still learning.
Anyone own a '59 Les Paul here?

I have an OLP, but they aren't sold anymore fender is a great label

I play a bass (a 4-string ibanez).

I don't have the fender frontman but I played it a bit and it has a great sound, I don't know about the Squier though. I play a AEL Ibanez, and I love it! 🙂

I play too but still a rookie.I bought my friend's Gibson Dark Fire guitar.....Still learning.
Anyone own a '59 Les Paul here?
It's my dream guitar !!!
I bought the plan And my grandfather who is a woodworker make my guitar with the finest wood and I will buy all the real Gibson parts, I can wait to play with ahahah The sound is soo deep hahah

I have sold, recently, all electroguitars (8 pieces). More classical musical instruments are pleasant to me)

Yes I'm a guitar player! xD I've three guitars. The first the classical guitar of my parents. The second a bolivian guitar and the last an electric guitar.

Here I am! I've 2 guitars, an acoustic and a electric.

hey!! I play guitar!! I got 2 electric guitars (1 les paul) , and 1 (spanish) accoustic 😃 I loveee to play guitar 😃