Do you support gay rights? Anything and everything

100% support. Because they/we are Humans.

I'm pansexual, in love with a girl. 😃

I personally don't get offended by gay people so I support gay rights. However, are gay couples equivalent to straight couples? The answer is no and only because being gay is not "natural". So the main problem with gay rights is that alot of people think that since gay couples aren't equivalent to straight couples they shouldn't get equal rights.

Like back then women can't vote, but since now we know that women are equal to men (at least mentally), people have no issue with women's suffrage (except some parts of the world).

But gay couples will never be equal to straight couples, so this issue will be discuss for the next 50 yrs at least.

Yes ! Absolutly !

I totally support them=)

I don't mind gays.
But I would not support it if they wanna marry.
Because a woman and man will have children and two men will not have them.

I think the question of "gay rights" is too large and ambiguous. So I'm just giving my opinion for marriage and adoption :

Marriage :
I'm an atheist, so from my point, marriage is just an economic convention between two persons who want to use their marriage as a proof of their love. ... (Sorry, english isn't my mother tongue so that's kind of difficult for me not to make it sound too harsh, but I marriage is for me an economic convention first, because when you don't believe in God, swearing your love in front of him doesn't really mean anything.) Sooo, because marriage doesn't really mean much than economic union for me, I don't see why everyone couldn't use it. And I lack knowing in law, so I don't really see the difference between a pax and a marriage. So I'm totally not against two homos getting married, why would I ?

Adoption :
For adoption, it's rather delicate... I think that having parents is essential for the good growing of a child.

For a kid who has no parents yet, the better is to be adopted by a man and a woman loving each other and seriously wanting to adopt him (the kid). In that case, they will surely be able to make him know the happinness of having family like the other children.
But being adopted by a gay couple isn't as wonderful. Because two men can't have a baby on there own even if that's the thing they whant the most in the world, they have to adopt. And because of the law, they can't, so there are hardly lots of kids raising by homos. So, inevitably, in the kid's mind grow the idea that having two dads is totally abnormal. Is that case, is it better having a family or not ? For me that's a no. You can always build yous own family by getting married in your future. And in an orphanage, your live can be better than in a "family" with a violent father, or a mother who rejects you, or parents who seem not to consider you, or a dad rejecting you because you tell him you're gay, or wathever ! I'm sure you see what I want to say, even with my unperfect english !

And even when you think that two dads are better than no one : the problem with giving the right to adopt to same-sex-couples is that the other countries, (which are against the idea of a kid being raised by two men or women,) don't want to let even mixted-couples or your contry adopt a kid in their orphanages. And finally, less kids have parents.
(What I just said may not be really clear, if so, tell me, send me a mail or leave me a message asking me to explain more.)

So when you try to figure out how you can make as many kids as possible having a family, I don't think it's by authorizing the LGBTs to adopt them.

Sooo, here was my opinion, if you agree, and especially if you oppose, tell me ! (I'm not sure that I'll come in this discussion again on my own so let me know if you send a post you want me to see.)

no i can't support my answer
the question was if i support gay rights , i've done my job and simply answered to it.
I know it's been a long time since you left this message here, but I'd like to ask you to explain a litte all the same. Sorry if it bother you. (Because I suppose it do.)
You've only said that you didn't support gay rights, and I would like to know why. Last time when the other has asked you why, the way it was asked was really bad. It was really too agressiv, and there where no need to.
So I allow myself to ask you now with as much delicacy as I can. Please tell me why you don't support gay rights. Or if that's for a private reason, just let me know. (Not the reason but the fact that it's private and that you don't feel any need talking about it.)
Hoping you'll answer...

I totally support the gay right, and not just because my father is gay and teached me that, but because I really think that everybody should be free to love whoever he likes. I mean it's not on your business if this girl loves another girl, they live their lives peacefully.

And some of the couples have more social senses and education than some of the straight ones. The difference about my father made me grew up faster than the others and stronger because I had to deal with the people looks. He is happy and it makes me happy, nevermind what people thinks and they all should feel the same 🙂

But I respect the opinion of everybody else, I'm just telling mine 🙂 No offense, peace <3

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They should have the same rights like other people. But their behaviour isn't normal. I mean the 'colorful parades' what the hell is that? I'm not jumping thru the street in strange costume singing 'i'm hetero tralalalala'. They make me sick sometimes.
All in all I think they shouldn't have special rights. They shouldn't adopt children. It would make the kid stalked.
i do agree with you, except for the kids matter. I mean, when i was a kid i was stalked because i used to wear glasses and i was fat. I'm still here to tell you that, and i guess i'm a sane person. And if a child has a problem (as he has to wear glasses, he's fat, he's ugly in some way), do you think he shouldn't be here because they could (I underline COULD) be stalked? Sorry if i seem agressive, i'm not, i just try to have a sane discussion about that

I have been raised to see homosexuality as a sin, a sick and perverse deviancy of mankind. However, just as from many other beliefs and opinions that were poured in me and kept me firmly tied to the conservatism - I broke free of that teaching, that view that had been strongly pushed upon me. It was long time before I started being friends with gay, bisexual, transgender people that I realized that they are the same as me, just as people who have different skin/hair/eye colour. So I accepted them just as they are and never ever have I demanded of a person to change because they did not please me.~

Nowadays I am supporter of LGBT rights and proud to be a friend of many people who find themselves in those categories, as well as bisexual myself. There is nothing wrong with any of these "characteristics", should I put them this way.
Honestly I do not mind if they parade and proudly show themselves just as they are. It's their right and I strongly believe that no one should cut off that day in the year that is meant for them/us.

I am very proud of the countries that allow gay marriage and very ashamed of the countries such as the one I live in that do not care, simply put, about those people in the society and breed more 'haters'. I hope that one day we will all walk free and show ~everywhere~ around the world the true faces.
As for adoption, I believe that two mothers or two fathers are better than no parents at all.

i just loved your answer!!!

i just loved your answer!!!
Thank you! I posted it back in 2012 and although I no longer identify with bisexuality I haven't changed my mind about supporting every LGBT category. :clap

Greetings everyone. I'll try to explain my opinion the best I can

I do believe that people are free to do what they want with their love story. I'm not attracted to guys yet I would not blame people who do, because that's simply what float their boats
Therefore, I'm supporting their acknowledgement regarding legal rights and so on. Being able to simply marry (the "civile" one (not sure of the exact word though) would only be fair.
On the other hand, although not being affiliated to any religion, I think that, even if I disagree with them, they should be free to do what they want about it. They created the religion, it's their way of thinking. Maybe, in time, the mentalities will have evolved, and so will the religions.
Until this day, let's admit they have the right to "refuse" what they want (just to be clear, I'm nto saying hey're right to go on with hutn about them, it's different)

Regarding child adoption, I understands the concerns people can have. Except if the new generation has already learned to accept gay people, the child will suffer a bit more (people bully for no reason nowadays). However, I totally think the kid would be happy at home, and I think that's what matters the most.
While growing up, he'll learn to ignore trashtalking from others and make good friends, like everybody does. In fifty years, having gay parents may not be considered "playing the game of life in hard difficulty" anymore.

In France, the debate has been raging during the last year (and the one before too I think, I can't really tell) because government had authorized civile union between LGBT community. Well as far as I know, a disturbing amount of people had manifested at the moment. Now, however, I don't think people give a damn about it. And that's the way I think it should, as it doesn't change anything for them.
I've seen gay guys kissing in public. It feels weird the first time, yet I know it's because I wasn't accustomed to it. I just let them be. I have seen once a parent expressing his concern because his child was asking why 2 people from same sex were kissing right in front of them, and the parent was (genuinely) embarassed yet he explained "love blah blah no borders blah blah".
And I think he did it right. Because he chose to teach his child something he wasn't, and he agreed to let the mentality evolve. Must have been a hard time for him though. Sadly, I don't think all the parents know what I believe to be the right answer to the question

As for my personal life, I have no gay friends, but I wouldn't mind having and hanging out with. What they do with their love life is none of my business.

Sorry for the possible typo fails btw.

Yes i definitely and strongly support gay rights! I really can't understand why anyone wouldn't, homosexuals were born that way and it makes them who they are. It's like you saying 'i don't like people with brown eyes,' that's how they were born and you can't change it so why not embrace it! Everyone should have equal rights to get married and to not be discriminated against etc. Love is love no matter what! 🙂


They are 1% of world and they want to tolerant them. But why in most they are intolerant to other peoples? Why they force to like them.

What do you mean by "rights"? People have the freedom to whatever it is they want to do. The problem with these "rights" is that they have absolutely nothing to do with "rights" at all. What they want to do - whoever "they" are - is to degrade the institution of biblical marriage. Face it, we wouldn't have marriage if it weren't for the Bible. Get over it. Marriage is the biblical institution of a bond between one man and one woman. It has always been that way, from the beginning. Even the Bible allows a person to CHOOSE whatever he/she wants to do. There is either a blessing or a curse that follows. Be that as it may, a person has the free will to choose whatever they want. But, why the animosity against biblical marriage? Apply for your civil unions. Don't apply for it. Who cares?? Leave "marriage" alone, and stop trampling it underfoot only because you don't agree with it and want to redefine what doesn't belong to you. Make up your own institution. Leave "marriage" alone. Are you that power hungry to demand control of what doesn't belong to you? Leave it alone.

So, why not have 2 men or 2 women who consent to their union? Who cares? Why not have 3 men, or 28 women, or 1 man a dog and two cats and three corpses? Extend it to whatever outcome you want. Sooner or later, someone will come along and say that's too far. Of course. Because it all becomes relative to one's point of view.

One poster on here said he doesn't tolerate anyone who does not tolerate.... Duh. Intolerant tolerance. Doesn't work dude. Like absolute relativity. Hello??

Bottom line = leave biblical marriage alone. Do your own thing. Don't mess with us. We won't mess with you. Mess with us, you'll get a fight. Why bother? What's the point? You want us to get along with you? Well, you need to get along with us. You change. We're established.

Do I support gay rights? Of course. Just like I support anti-gun people, or liberals. They have their own opinion and they have the right to do whatever they want. Fine. Have the opinions. You and I do not have to be identical. And, don't ever try to make me conform to you. I just might make you conform to my opinion. :tank You wouldn't like that. So, leave it alone. Walk away. yinyang

Yeah, sure I do! I believe there shouldn't be anything against homosexuals marrying or adopting children.
But we also have to keep in mind that, understandanbly, it is not obvious to many countries and people in the world.

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Love is love!

Of course i support them, im one myself