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What do you think of as "American food"???

To be sincere, i like some things and inventions from america, in particular clothes (by exemple) or materials who were created in USA, But American food is in my idea the worse thing from america! XD
No it's stupid to say this. In fact, my opinion is really bad about fast food, who are importants in america, i really don't like theses foods, and about the american food in general, i think some foods from america are good, but in general, it's too much sugar! I'm not a cook chief who like only "good" foods, but In general, i think american food is too much "artificial", and i prefer foods more basic.
It's maybe because i'm from mediteranea coast, but i prefer Turkish food, arabian food even if it's really "fatty" and too french tipical food! (no we don't eat snails or frogs, except some peasants! XD)
But in my opinion, some foods from america are good, i like by exemple le Sirop d'Érablefrom canada, and if i don't really like the food, it's true than i like a lot of drinks from USA, as Iced Tea, Fanta, ... even if i don't like coca cola.... it's strange this!😁

Oh, this is interesting. (:
Yes, I have heard that America is viewed as having lots of "junk food".
But I've heard that a lot of our junk food is much better tasting than some in Europe...

and yeah, we have great drinks! (:

I eat a mix of everything, I just love food. XP

Ps. Do you consider steak an American food??

i only know Hot Dogs from America o.o
i don't really know any other food from there...can you tell me some? so i can see if i know them or not.

In China,we can rarely eat foreign food.I mean dishes special and famous.
Anyway I think chinese food is the most delicious because of it's various tastes.

That's true, american food make me think first of fast food (you probably have more healthy types of restaurants, but well...). There we have mostly mc donalds, which are quite popular (i read an article in school telling that while it was not that succesful in america anymore, in europe mc donald was so popular at list one mc donald opened every week. it's kinda scary). But well, you probably have other fast food restaurant more populars.

You seem quite fond of steak houses, barbecue too (or not ?). 😁yummy.
Oh, and Starbuck. I have a friend who thanks the americans nearly every morning for starbuck ( but it's not really food, and well she is a coffee and sugar addict).

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junk food

American food... Junk food... I don't know..
For me 'american food' means allmost the same as junk food and that is a bit too artifical and there's too mutch additive in that food. And the sugar in that food... But I'm not saying that all the american food is like that. That is just wat comes my to mind first when it comes to american food.

But I know that there are differences... Every state has their own speciality. If u compare the food in New York to the food in New Orleans, well there are lot of differences. But I've to admit that I would want to taste american stake but I'm not so sure do I connect stake to U.S.. Stakes are a bit more universal. (gosh, I don't know what am I even talking now :'D )

But the junk food is the one which has broke down to the world from US when it comes to the food so usually when someone says 'hey let's eat american food' it's the same as 'hey let's go to the mc donald's'

But that's so true, 'american drinks' are so good... Especially Ice tea and cola (and pepsi). 😃

I hate fast food! Im from America, but I hate the fast food

Food in boxes and bottles

Ugh, I am from America, and I DO NOT like fast food at all.
When I think of American food, I think of hamburgers, Ice cream, popcorn, corn, coca-cola, that type of stuff.
Come to think of it, most food here is sugary, artificial, and fake.

American food? You mean the classic American food? Isn't that just heaps of meat pressed into something they call a hamburger? 🙂
I know too little to doom whole America, but what I do know is just TOO BAD.

It's too bad! The only good meals in USA are in italian restaurants etc...

for me well typically everything in north american is artifical it's not like europe food here we make food fast to have more money so we put always chimical products i mean i went to visit europe and i ate just a few things and i was full compared to here in canada i eat more then i would eat in europe it's weird, but i prefer european food always liked it, not that i don't like american or canadian meals.

i always think of different sweets when i think of america, like twinkies or nerds (the candy 😛 )
but the main american food i think of is Pumkin pie 😁
my aim in life is to try a true american pumpkin pie before i die *.*

Hahaa. Pumpkin pie is yummy. 😁^

Hum... Mc Donald ? LOL. But that's good 🙂

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