I'm curious... English

hamburger =)) fast food mc donalds =))

I am from the US, and it is true that a lot of food from here is junk food and has a lot of sugar and artificial crap in it, but not every American eats it. I hate McDonald's and haven;t eaten there in over 3 years. In terms of good food that American's eat, I think of my vegetarian food, like Boca burgers, and vegetarian chicken and stuff. In California, we have a type of steak called tri-tip. No where else in America really eats this kind of meat, but we do all the time. 🙂 It's really juicy and tender steak, and it tastes really good!

how's the vegetarian chicken ? :\

I gotta say I like fast food every once in a while but I do not eat out very much...
my mom is an excellent cook, we eat a great varitey of things. (:

Vegetarian = uck! Lol
I love STEAK, CHICKEN, PORk. Lmao 😃