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I like German language, so I like its music as well.

My favourite bands are: Oomph!, Rammstein 😛unk , L'Ame Immortelle, die Ärzte, Megaherz, Lacrimosa, Nevada Tan and austrian pop singer Christina Stürmer.

What are your fav german bands/singers?
May be you could also recommend me some? 😉


i'm from germany, my favourit band's are deichkind and peter fox

i hope you know them, they are very good! 😃

Really good in my opinion is just German pop/electro.

Bands to look up could be "Wir sind Helden", "Ich+Ich", "Tele", "2raumwohnung", "Klee", "Clueso", "Sportfreunde Stiller", "Olli Schulz", Kraftwerk", "Einstürzende Neubauten", "MIA." (not to confuse with M.I.A.), "Juli" and a pearl of German music, "The Notwist".

all Iknow about german music is rammstein and tokio hotel. and tokio hotel sucks, rammstein rocks.

I love Juli... Die Perfekte Welle is one of my best......

Wir sind Helden is good... Die Ärzte, and die Toten Hosen. 🙂

Rammsten, Kraftwerk, Le Scrawl, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Necrophagist & Colour Haze. 😃

Rammstein (: and, Panik [Nevada Tan] ... and i know about Tokio Hotel, but I don't like them anymore xb .
And Killerpilze - but they sucks -.-

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I l know TH too, but I don't really like their music. :3

Rammstein is cool! Their coming here on February and I hope that I can go to see their show. But I think that my parents may not let me go.

my fav german bands: fräulein wunder, debbie rockt, deichkind, sido <3, juli, silbermond, peter fox und... tokio hotel 🙂 yeah.

I really like Tokio Hotel 😉

What about R&B singer?

You have: Bushido, Eko Fresh, Saad, Azad, Sido, Sammy Deluxe, Cassandra Steen And Xavier Naidoo They all soundd good to me

Germany is unexpectedly the THIRD Hiphop country in the world, just behind Usa of course, and france 🙂

I love:
Rammstein (they´re the best!😁)
Die Ärtze
Falco (okay, from the 80s but some songs are really good! e.g jeanny or out of the door)
ich und ich

I love Schelmish, and Corvus corax! but i like too Rammstein! i don't know a lot of others german bands!

The baseballs, thiers covers are amazing...! i like hot n cold singing by this boys very much...

I love:
Panik (nevada tan)
Tokio Hotel
Die Atzen
Kay One

What about Scorpions? They're really amazing. And also Die Toten Hosen are very good.

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oh german music is soooo wunderfull 😃
I'm a bit suprised that you all know so many german bands.

But the best bands are:
Die Ärzte
Fettes Brot
Wir sind Helden
Sportfreunde Stiller

i think that are a few bands wich are really nice 🙂