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music genre
Favourite band or singer?
TV series. Any recommendations?
What song describes your Life?
Harry Potter Character
What’s your favourite video game soundtrack?
Best Horror Movies
favourite rock singers:)
what's your favorite Anime
Writer Looking For Feedback
Good romance Books/ shows?
Are there young women listening to metal and hard rock?
What’s ur favorite song 🎧?
Give me a song in your language to listen to !
Book recommendations
Italian Comedy
Any fan of Taylor Swift?
Tommy February6 fans?
What’s your favorite musical
What song would you send to Eurovision from your country?
What do you think about Barbie, Greta Gerwig’s film
Celebrity Crush
Who do you think is the most beautiful actor?
What is the most heart-warming film you've ever watched
Favourite tv series?
Where are my anime fans?!
Imagine dragons
How do you use the three shells in the bathroom in the movie Demolition Man ?