Films, music, TV

favorite singer/band ????
The Witcher
BTS K-pop singers
Give me a song in your language to listen to !
What is your favorite foreign language song?
want a musician to work with
Children of Bodom
Nostalgy and sad songs
What is your favourite Film?
What's the weirdest song you like ?
Twenty one Pilots ||-//
Coolest punk singer
The travel you liked the most
What is the best zombie film?
fast and furious series
Favourite Actors
Is there anyone who loves rock, punk rock, metal ... ? ;D
Game Of Thrones SE8
Favourite tv series?
old songs that you like?
Does someone listen to national anthems ?
10 favourite Rock songs
favourite actor/actress?
Classical music.
Manga and anime
Songs that i love the most
Harry Potter- House
Miraculous Ladybug
Listen to and comment on the song posted by the last person above