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favourite movie or serie?
What’s ur favorite song 🎧?
Whats a band/musician you can't stand?
Favourite band or singer?
What are you guys favourite singers?
What's ur favorite taylor swift album ?
Give me a song in your language to listen to !
best kind of music?
🎥🎬 Remake movies with PPG movie stars ⭐ 🎞️🎞️
Harry Potter Character
Writer Looking For Feedback
Asterix Comics
Archie comics🤩
Whats your least favourite movie genre?
Best Horror Movies
Rate my Lobotomy Kaisen story.
Celebrity Crush
Whats your favourite Disney film?
Archie Comics
Tintin by Herge
finding any enhypen, boy next door, newjeans, tws, le sserafim, txt, billlie, yerin, woodz, nct fans
Where are my anime fans?!
Favorite lyric lines
Action films
Grand Prix 2024 woke!
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Brooke Monk