What annoys you ? Everyday life and customs

Is it the mess, tv ads, people letting their dogs use your yard as their toilet or maybe people who don't use deoderant?

For me, it will be people with speech defects.. I hate it :glare

XD Keep it easy Wal!
speech defects? thing as what me saying now?
well, what annoys me is when i cannot find sleep :/ just as now :/

what annoys me?
um... my brother ..

people waking me up :/ (directly or via noises,music etc.)

well..if i think...i can get annoyed by everything xD

Annoyed... I can get annoyed at people who never speak positively. But I usually doesn't care much about annoying stuff. 😃

in chatt room, if someone ask me

'Do you eat dogs?'

almost everyone DON'T eat dogs in Korea..=_=

in chatt room, if someone ask me

'Do you eat dogs?'

almost everyone DON'T eat dogs in Korea..=_=

wow, somenoe asked you that ?
(i thought koreans DO eat dogs...0.0)

um,, many people know chinese eat dogs.
usually this won't bother me,,, cause um,, that's true . (not me, i don't eat dogs!! :stuart )
somone thinks it's backwardness, and many people can't take it.

somebody says dogs are delicious and somebody says eating dogs is disgusting and cruel...
it's fine. that is everyone's feeling .

BUT, eating dogs is NOT backwardness 🙂
in taiwan, many families DON'T eat COW. :angel (but there's still many people enjoy steak XD)
people in Taiwan used to farm for a living. To them, eating cows is ungrateful.

i just want to say that every country has their own "special food" (dogs, snakes, monkeys, snail, frogs etc... people eat almost everything 0.0 ) :hmm:


hmm.... mosquito......Why do they 'love' my Blood ! -__-

hmm.... mosquito......Why do they 'love' my Blood ! -__-
omg me too
especially night self study time(야자). it makes me crazy=_____=

About four or five kitties are everywhere to run and make a lot of noise on the roof at night. I was awaked when sleeping everyday.
So I just do SOS.............SOS

Odor. Anyone that smells terrible! I can't take B.O. (body odor).

When someone comes into my room while I'm sleeping and turns of the air conditioner and leaves the door open


sometimes my sister

my cousins

Homeworks 😛

when people (mostly americans i've noticed...) are stupid enough to believe that sweden and switzerland are the same country. haha i'm tired of explaining that they're not the same country.

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People who like to gossip a lot about someone...