communism Politics and governments

1.Im wondering the attitude to it from all over the word
2.Im wondering how is the concept of communism in ur mind from different countries
3.Im wondering the thought from old communism countries like our old bro before ussr.
4.all in all,welcome u to attented the discussion😃

I hope you don't mind if I try to respond to your subject about communism three month later. ***My english is not perfect, I know.
The term already existed previously, but perhaps true communism begins with Marx (1848 the Manifesto), from there in the future his ideas spread all over Europe.
Russia of '17, in this regard, I personally justify the Russian revolution, the situation was tragic, people died easily, and in the riots died by the hands of the Cossacks, people were sent to war and it was not too clear why. Stalin was surely a dictator, he did, what others did, surrounded himself with people who thought like him; Lenin in his testament (or will) before his death, had explicitly written that he(Stalin) had to be dismissed from office, defining him as coarse and capricious.
After the red-revolution there was fear throughout Europe. Hitler even profited from it by writing in Mein Kampf that communists were primarily Jews. The middle class people (i.e. those who struggle to get what they have and are afraid of losing it) were the ones that both Hitler and Mussolini spoke to. Fascism firmly opposed communism, which in that period was a predominant movement in Italy, I must mention Antonio Gramsci, a philosopher who is immediately locked up, he reinterprets Marx's words in a modern key.
For a long time it was not clear what was going on in China, perhaps not even in Russia until 68-69 ("Prague spring").
Che Guevara also was a relevant chapter of history, the Cold War.

My grandmother said that, after the war, in her little country, hard-workers voted for communism, the rest for the church (church movement: Democreazia Cristiana).
The majority of people I've asked about what they think of communism now, responded that was an "utopia" (means: an impossible dream, I'm talking about italian communism). Some simply associate the word with a totalitarianism, as I think a lot of americans do too, talking about China, in a negative way.

There are so many things to say...
I've tryed to be generic.

I think that "True and Theoretical Communism" works only in small community, where everybody knows everybody.
But when the community starts to grow up, well communism begins to be an Utopia...
I have an example in my mind, but can't remind me the details nor the references of it, of a little community in France where a rich man built a "real" communism community that worked pretty well... but, as usual, at his death, things started to fail cause the main figure disappeared and the community was too big without its leader...

And about History, I think that Red Revolution was a mistake, as French Revolution was(#ChangeMyMind).
Finally, I will let you search for the most murderous Regimes in History and look how Communism marked History...
But as it says "It is not truth that matters but victory"...

I live in Poland. This is the country where communism reigned 40 years. Communism could became the best system in my country, but people don't grow up to have got the same like other people. They always want to have more and that is the reason why communism died

Which communist regime didn't start by killing thousands of its own countrymen?

great in theory, terrible in practice. for every country, every regime. Greed is an innate trait that a lot of politicians have.

There is the rare case where a political party truly cares for the well-being of their country, in regards to communism. However, from what history has shown us, it isn’t such a great ideology.