What do you think about Socialist countries Politics and governments

I'm not so interested in politic, but I want to know how other countries' people think about socialist countries.

I'm not that into politics but it seems to me that socialism is a system based off of good ideas but is easy to corrupt. When done right it can be very successful though.

I think socialism is very careful about their people until they dont break the rights and its cool but unfortunately the salaries arent relative of work
In poland between 1945-1989 you could even sleep at work and you got money so its quite unfair

Well, you know, China is a socialist country, and Chinese people is one of the most hardworking people in the world. They work hard but they get few.

I wonder after 10 years, is there still anyone who would do jobs like the cleaner, builder, farmer?

its hard to compare china which is maoist and poland which was stalinist, there are a lot of different ideas

I think that China is socialistic-capitalistic country)

I believe China is politically socialist (Communist Party in power) and economically has moved from communist ideas into hardcore capitalism in recent decades. However, in theory socialism is quite good in wealth redistribution but so bad in wealth creation, that's why socialist nations are usually poor.

China is not poor but everything and everybody underfoot.They have social control sistem poor people.

I think the idea is good but it doesn't work always so good... there are a lot of problems.. but i like it

only social democracy !!!!! and anticapitalism

I heard a nice quote of one Chinese communists
"it doesn't matter if cat is black or white if it catches the rats"
Idk what's the good translation but the meaning is that it doesn't matter if economy is socialist or capitalist if it is getting better

Socialism is bad in itself. The abolition of private property has tragic economic consequences. In turn, capitalism raises the quality of life. What do I think about socialist countries? I'm skeptical. I believe that socialist policy is also currently being run in my country and I do not like it. It remains to be hoped that Poland will one day change into Liberland. xD

I have to agree with Klaudia. Socialism is just bad because it wants to make people equal but every human being is special so it just cant work. It also never did worked if u look in history. It does however work for china but only because they opened their marked in a capitalism way.

China is not the only socialist country, you can google up Venezuela. Shortages. Hunger. Blackouts. Massive emigration. Socio-political discontent. Corruption. Hate... between families divided by ideas, people looking for food in wastes. You judge wether it works or not.

socialist countries are good when it's about redistributing wealth but terrible when it's about welcoming muslim refugees who are culturally different and are treating women as inferior creatures

how’s china socialist? do you get food/home for free? even if you don’t work? looks pretty much all the state-capitalism athor countries, except it’s not total anymore… are you asking about that?

The only true example of socialist countries I knew are Rojava (part of Kurdistan) and revolutionary Spain.

Well, socialism as an idea I think is good, but the execution... it just hasn't really worked anywhere. So yeah.

Socialism ... Capitalism ... Imperialism ... I think that people all over the world should make a new society by learning of all mistakes in previous time